When was the last time Colin Kaepernick played in NFL? Fans criticize Tim Tebow's return

Colin Kaepernick with the San Francisco 49ers
Colin Kaepernick with the San Francisco 49ers
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Twitter has not forgotten that Colin Kaepernick isn't playing in the NFL. Tim Tebow is reportedly signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars as a tight end this week. The news comes with a lot of backlash -- not necessarily at Tebow himself -- but at the situation, leaving some to wonder why Tebow was given a chance when Kaepernick has yet to get one since being released from the San Francisco 49ers.

When did Colin Kaepernick last play in the NFL?

Colin Kaepernick was drafted in the 2011 NFL Draft by the San Francisco 49ers and made his first start in 2012 when Alex Smith suffered a concussion. Kaepernick led the 49ers to the Super Bowl XLVII that season, losing to the Baltimore Ravens 34-31.

In the 2016 preseason, Kaepernick began kneeling for the national anthem before every game. He stated that he would not stand for the flag of a country that oppresses African Americans, as he tried to get attention racial inequalities that were being faced around the country.

He played his final game with the 49ers on January 1, 2017 in a 25-23 loss to the Seattle Seahawks. Shortly after the season, the 49ers hired then Atlanta Falcons offensive coordinator Kyle Shanahan as the new head coach. Shanahan and his staff felt Kaepernick's play wouldn't work well on his offense and the team released him. Kaepernick hasn't played for an NFL team since. He did have a workout with seven NFL teams in November 2019, but he continued to stay unsigned.

Tim Tebow Signs as a tight end with the Jacksonville Jaguars

It was reported Monday afternoon that former quarterback and New York Mets outfielder Tim Tebow will be signing with the Jacksonville Jaguars and former Gators head coach Urban Meyer this week as a tight end. Tebow was asked years ago to switch to tight end to prolong his NFL career and he declined. Now it seems that since his MLB journey had ended he has had a change of heart.

With this news came backlash, and lots of it. Fans and NFL analysts wondered how Tebow would have been given a second chance and position change if Kaepernick hadn't. Fans took to Twitter to show how they really felt:

Even some NFL players had strong feelings about how Tebow would be given an opportunity at a position he had never played before in his entire football career (high school, college or NFL).

In terms of football and the Jaguars being a successful team this season, does the Tebow signing make sense? Adding a 33-year-old who is taking on a new position with a twenty-one-year-old rookie quarterback? Let's also remember that Urban Meyer is a rookie NFL head coach.

One thing is for sure, this won't be boring!

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