Who is Alex Guerrero? How the personal trainer had Tom Brady's back in the quest for longevity

TB12 Performance & Recovery Center Grand Opening
TB12 Performance & Recovery Center Grand Opening

Every athlete has some sort of support system in their corner, even the GOATs like Tampa Bay Buccaneers QB Tom Brady. Everyone is aware of Tom Brady's health regiments and strict diet through his historic run with the New England Patriots, but it wasn't his own dietary plan. The man behind Tom Brady's longevity is alternative medicine practitioner-turned-personal trainer Alex Guerrero.

Alex Guerrero, Tom Brady, and TB12

Tom Brady has worked with Alex Guerrero on getting into an 80/20 alkaline diet (80% alkalic and 20% acidic) that is mostly vegan and strays from inflammation foods such as tomatoes, peppers, mushrooms, and eggplants. The two men have become business partners in the TB12 brand, including a peak performance website TB12sports.com, TB12 Sports Therapy Center next to Gillette Stadium, a health program based on Tom Brady's book The TB12 Method, the TB12 Nutrition Manual (branded snacks, protein bars, prepared meals and smoothies), and TB12 workout gear that includes "recovery pajamas" that help recover from physcial exertion and trauma.

Alex Guerrero has been the right hand man for Tom Brady's health for years and monitors everything he puts into his body. However, he's been apart of several different legal and financial battles. In 2005, the FTC sanctioned him for falsely promoting himself as a legit doctor claiming to cure cancers, AIDs, and other diseases with a dietary supplement through infomercials. Guerrero helped establish 6 Degree Nutrition, a company that produces nutritional supplements like Neurosafe, and stated it protects users from the "consequences of sports-related traumatic brain injuries" by producing nutrients to the brain. WR Wes Welker and Tom Brady both advocated for the product before the FTC settled with Alex Guerrero and shut down the company in 2012, ceasing any further productions.

The Boston Globe reported that Alex Guerrero has a history of "financial issues and legal entanglements." He has since rejuventated his career by tying it to Tom Brady's career. When Brady played for the New England Patriots, Alex Guerrero worked with many other players on the team: Danny Amendola, Julian Edelman, Jimmy Garoppolo, Rob Gronkowski, and Ty Law. In 2017, Alex Guerrero caused friction with the Patriots' management and training staff. He was overly involved and intervened by having too many team privileges as a non-NFL employee. His privileges were heavily banned and wasn't allowed into certain parts of the building. Through his many legal issues, slanders, and lawsuits, Tom Brady still trusted Alex Guerrero with his career and health.

On an episode of "The Adam Schefter Podcast," Alex Guerrero stated that he is working hard to hold up Tom Brady's vow to play until he is 45, which is two more seasons. He claims to have known of Brady playing in 2020 with a torn MCL but the Buccaneers knew little or nothing about it. Guerrero also helps Tom Brady's emotional levels with his diet, including the "emotional foods" of pizza and burgers after an injury to cope with the stress. You can say what you want about Alex Guerrero's integrity or past, but he has been able to help Tom Brady keep in shape and remain a top-ten QB in the NFL into his 40s.

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Edited by Arnav Kholkar
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