Who is Alison? OnlyFans model DMs several offensive linemen on social media during 2023 NFL Draft

Who is Alison? OnlyFans model DMs several offensive linemen on social media during 2023 NFL Draft

Alison, an anonymous OnlyFans model, has been making waves on social media since the conclusion of the 2023 NFL Draft. The 25-year-old privately messaged a host of NFL hopefuls ahead of the event in Kansas City.

The model posted screenshots of the messages she sent to the offensive linemen with the caption: "DMing every offensive line NFL draft prospect trying to find one." This has caught the attention of many NFL enthusiasts across the country.

Alison was unlucky to have none of the players she messaged before the draft give her a reply, except one. Arizona's 10th overall pick, offensive tackle Darnell Wright, was the only player to return a message to the OnlyFans model.

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Who is Alison and what was her motive?

The exact identity of the model is relatively unknown. She goes by the name Alison on social media but has never shown his face in any of her posts. This has left many curious about who she could really be.

Alison, however, explained the motive behind the messages in an interview with the Daily Star. She stated:

"It was a joke for the girls in my group chat and I think it's very funny that Darnell Wright wrote that back."

She further discussed how she started creating content on OnlyFans, highlighting how it began with posting jokes on Twitter.

"I just wanted to post jokes without getting fired when I started Twitter so I didn't post face. People started asking to see my t*****s and I realized I could make a little bit of money so I started posting."

She has a thriving OnlyFans page where she charges her subscribers $15 per month to access her explicit content. However, she has chosen not to reveal her face on the platform and has cited her family's influence as one of the reasons for this decision.

"It would be a disaster if my family found out I was selling t***y. Family politics are often so silly and I would just love to avoid being a point of discussion."

Which draft prospects did Alison privately message?

Alison shared a screenshot of all the players she messaged on her social media page. These players included the Chicago Bears' Darnell Wright (Tennessee), Cleveland Browns center Luke Wypler (Ohio State), and Los Angeles Rams center Steve Avila (TCU).

Other players on her message list included Tampa Bay Buccaneers offensive tackle Cody Mauch (North Dakota), Cleveland Browns offensive tackle Dawand Jones (Ohio State), and Jacksonville Jaguars offensive tackle Anton Harrison (Oklahoma).

In a different post on her Twitter page, she posted another screenshot of what seemed to be a message exchange with Wright, who appeared to be the only prospect to have replied. Overall, it was a nice try from the anonymous model. It is to be seen if this doesn't become an annual tradition for the NFL draft.

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