Who is the first NFL coach to get Gatorade dumped on him?

Andy Reid receives a Gatorade bath after Super Bowl LIV victory
Andy Reid receives a Gatorade bath after Super Bowl LIV victory

After winning a NFL championship, big game, or any game that holds a significant value teams will drench their head coach in Gatorade. Last season Andy Reid received his most meaningful Gatorade bath of his career. Reid got a Gatorade bath after the Kansas City Chiefs defeated the 49ers to capture Andy Reid's first Super Bowl Championship.

Gatorade baths have become popular in almost every sport. The only sport that does not usually participate in the Gatorade baths is the NBA. With the NBA played indoors, it is understandable to why they do not participate.

With this being said it brings up a good question that a lot of fans want to know the answer to. Which NFL coach received the very first Gatorade bath?

Which NFL head coach received the first Gatorade bath?

Former Chicago Bears Mike Ditka
Former Chicago Bears Mike Ditka

Former Chicago Bears head coach Mike Ditka received the very first Gatorade bath during the 1984 NFL season. Ditka led the Bears to a huge victory over the Minnesota Vikings. After the Bears victory over the Vikings Dan Hampton, Steve McMichael, and Mike Singletary collaborated to drench Mike Ditka.

This is has been an argument that has been going on for a while now. Many NFL fans remember the famous Gatorade bath that Bill Parcells received. New York Giants linebacker Harry Carson and defensive tackle Jim Burt collaborated to sink Parcells.

Carson and Burt popularized the Gatorade bath by drenching head coach Bill Parcells after every time the Giants won a game. The two defensive players continued this all the way to the New York Giants NFL Super Bowl win. It was the second time that a Gatorade bath happened and it was the beginning of something great.

Once the Gatorade baths began, Gatorade was happier than a little kid in the candy store. There was nothing better for Gatorade when it comes to advertising. John Madden explained the Gatorade bath to millions of viewers during the New York Giants and San Francisco 49ers playoff game.

Once Gatorade's head of sports marketing heard John Madden explaining the Gatorade bath on national television he said this "I think I've died and gone to heaven." John Madden offered Gatorade the best type of advertisement.

John Madden offered Gatorade free advertisement. The advertisement was to millions of viewers and Gatorade did not have to pay a dime for it.

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