Who was Nicole Brown Simpson? The life and tragic death of OJ Simpson's wife

OJ Simpson and his then wife Nicole. Photo via
OJ Simpson and his then wife Nicole. Photo via

Just about everyone on the planet knows the story of Nicole Brown Simpson and her ex-husband, former NFL superstar OJ Simpson. The former Buffalo and 49ers running back was at the center of Nicole's murder trial back in 1994.

Nicole was stabbed in the neck and scalp seven times outside her home, along with Ron Goldman. OJ Simpson and Nicole were married for seven years before divorcing as there were several reports of abuse towards Nicole from the former running back.

12 June 1994. Nicole Simpson (aged 41), wife of football star O.J. Simpson, was brutally stabbed to death outside her LA home, along with Ron Goldman (aged 25). A jury later surprisingly acquitted Simpson of the double murder.

In fact, the running back had a history of abuse towards Nicole along with making death threats, which is why he was a person of interest in the murders.

The court case went on for eight months and was very public, gripping the entire nation. However, the former running back was sensationally acquitted of the murders, but was ordered to pay $33.5 million in damages to the Goldman family. That's odd, isn't it?

During the civil trial, OJ Simpson was found liable for the deaths of Nicole Simpson & Ron Goldman. #OJMadeInAmerica

Chris Rock's joke about Nicole Brown Simpson sparks outrage

Chris Rock made headlines for his joke about Nicole Brown Simpson's murder. Photo via
Chris Rock made headlines for his joke about Nicole Brown Simpson's murder. Photo via

The life of a comedian can be hard as they have to be extremely careful with the material they use.

Chris Rock got in trouble some months ago for his joke about Will Smith's wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, referring to her baldness, at the Academy Awards. As a result of his joke, Will Smith walked up to him and slapped Rock in the face.

He is now back among the headlines for the wrong reasons due to something he said in his stand-up show in Phoenix on Sunday.


During his show, Rock said that he would not return to the Academy Awards. He said that it would be similar to Nicole Brown Simpson going back to the restaurant where she left her glasses before being killed, as per

As expected, Rock's joke caused a lot of uproar, with many taking to social media to give their thoughts on it.

@TMZ And thats why he got slapped….
@godisgood1023 @TMZ Nothing funny about an abusive husband that almost beheaded Nicole when cutting her throat.

It remains to be seen whether Rock will apologize for his joke or not, and Nicole's family will likely not be too pleased either.

The murder trial captivated the entire globe during its entire course and many believe that it tarnished all the great work that OJ did on the football field. He is a Hall of Famer, a five-time All-Pro, and a six-time Pro Bowler, along with being the NFL MVP in 1973 after his 2003 rushing yards and 12 touchdowns.

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