NFL: Who owns the Green Bay Packers?

Green Bay Packers
Green Bay Packers

The Green Bay Packers are an especially interesting franchise as they're not owned by a single individual. The Packers have been a publicly owned, nonprofit corporation since August 18, 1923.

Green Bay's franchise has been supported by its shareholders and their fan base since 1923. The Green Bay Packers have overcome every obstacle that has been thrown their way. With NFL free agency and a salary cap, the Green Bay Packers have been successful by staying true to their plan.

The Packers have stayed true to not jeopardizing their brand rather than spending a ton of money to sign the next big free agent, which has made Green Bay the successful franchise that they are today. However, this has also caused issues between the Green Bay Packers and their quarterbacks.

At the end of the day, the Packers are going to continue to do what works best for them.

How many shareholders do the Green Bay Packers have?

Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones
Green Bay Packers RB Aaron Jones

According to, the Green Bay Packers currently have 361,311 people who obtain 5,009,518 shares in the franchise. On February 29, 2012, the Packers saw a jump in shares when 250,000 new shareholders. Green Bay also offered international sales to Canada and received 2,000 new shareholders.

An interesting fact about the shareholders for the Green Bay Packers is that they do not receive any dividends on their investment in the team. The Packers received 269,000 shares that were sold in 2011. This helped the Green Bay Packers fund the $146 million project to expand Lambeau Field.

Green Bay is governed by a board of directors. The board consists of a group of seven executives.

Officers of the Corporation

  • Mark H. Murphy: President & CEO
  • Thomas L. Olson: Vice President & Lead Director
  • Michael D. Simmer: Treasurer
  • Daniel T. Ariens: Secretary
  • Susan M. Finco: Executive Committee
  • Donald J. Long Jr.: Executive Committee
  • John L. Skoug: Executive Committee

As of 2019, the Green Bay Packers received $477.9 million in revenue which is a record for the franchise. The $477.9 million that the Packers received, $477.2 went to team expenses for players and their coaching staff.

How much are the Green Bay Packers worth?

Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference
Green Bay Packers Introduce Matt LaFleur - Press Conference

Green Bay is one of the most historic franchises in NFL history and one of the biggest brands in professional sports. According to Forbes magazine, the Green Bay Packers are the 27th most valuable sports teams. The Packers are worth $2.63 billion according to Forbes.

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