Who is the shortest quarterback in the NFL?

Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray
Arizona Cardinals quarterback Kyler Murray
Adam Hulse

Tall players have generally occupied the quarterback position in the NFL. Most of them are over six feet tall and many of them are in the six and a half foot range. That doesn't mean that there haven't been successful quarterbacks who have been shorter. Several players who are under six feet have put together excellent NFL quarterback careers.

Doug Flutie, 5'10", had a solid career and Sonny Jurgensen, 5'11", is a Hall of Fame quarterback. Russell Wilson is an active quarterback who has won a Super Bowl and is a future Hall of Famer. He's 5'11" tall, but he's not the shortest dynamic quarterback in the NFL right now. That honor belongs to Kyler Murray who is 5'10".

Kyler Murray is the shortest quarterback in the NFL

Kyler Murray is rather undersized as a "traditional" quarterback in the NFL. He makes up for it with lightning speed and a rocket arm. He is pound-for-pound one of the best athletes in the entire NFL. He was the Arizona Cardinals' number one overall draft pick but was also drafted into the MLB. He would have been a likely superstar in either of the two sports.

Kyler Murray was an up-and-coming baseball prospect but instead chose to play quarterback in the NFL despite many pointing that he is "too small" to be a successful quarterback at the professional level. So far, those who had that opinion have been wrong.

Kyler Murray has 14 TD passes in 2021, tied for the most in franchise history through the first six games of a season.

This is Kyler Murray's third season in the NFL and he has improved each year. His completion percentage, passer rating and QBR have all increased each season. He is on his way to setting new career highs in passing yards and touchdowns in the 2021 NFL season. Murray is the current front runner for NFL MVP and his Cardinals are undefeated this season.

Kyler Murray passing grade on throws 10-19 yards downfield:2019: (53.4) 34th2020: (75.5) 22nd2021: (93.7) 4thHe turned a weakness into a strength.

Kyler is not just getting by as an "undersized" quarterback. He is thriving. He is one of the very best quarterbacks in the entire NFL. His lethal combination of passing and running makes him a genuinely unique quarterback in the NFL today. The style of offense in the NFL is evolving, and players like Kyler Murray are paving the way.

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