Why are fans booing Roger Goodell? Jets star Breece Hall puzzled by cold treatment for NFL commissioner

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Why are fans booing Roger Goodell? Jets star Breece Hall puzzled by cold treatment for NFL commissioner.

New York Jets running back Breece Hall on Thursday asked on X why fans at the 2024 NFL draft in Detroit were booing NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell.

It's no secret that fans at the draft boo Goodell. In fact, it's almost become a de facto draft tradition. Goodell has been met with a chorus of jeers from spectators whenever the draft begins since he took over the position in 2006.

Let's take a look at why Goodell is getting booed so much.

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The reasons why Roger Goodell gets booed during drafts

Each year, during the draft, fans rejoice over the upcoming generation of NFL players, but they also have the opportunity to welcome NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell with an ensemble of jeers.

Goodell has made several decisions over the years that fans haven't been fond of. NFL fans have an extensive collection of concerns, and they feel that the NFL draft gives them a chance to voice those grievances. Issues include what they feel are the rising cost of watching games due to streaming, inconsistent player and team regulation and modifications to rules that degrade competition.

The way the league has handled player reports of domestic abuse as well as the way it responded to Colin Kaepernick's and other players' on-field demonstrations are further reasons why fans may want to launch a chorus of jeers at Roger Goodell. The commissioner has also come under fire for alterations to officiating practices and positions taken on player health and safety.

Although the booing tradition certainly stems from those reasons, it's also possible that fans have simply grown accustomed to jeering the NFL commissioner, turning it into a draft ritual.

Since Goodell is regarded as the NFL's "shot caller," anyone can direct their grievances at him, and the NFL draft is the most accessible venue to do that.

Roger Goodell himself has come to recognize this peculiar draft custom in recent years to the point where he allowed fans to boo him during the 2020 virtual draft.

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