Why is Sean McDermott's 9/11 speech facing backlash? Bills HC's quotes sparks rage among NFL fans

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Why is Sean McDermott's 9/11 speech facing backlash? Bills HC's quotes sparks rage among NFL fans

Sean McDermott stepped into the thick of it after his 9/11 speech was revealed. There are some issues where one should never go, and the most horrific terrorist attacks on American soil is definitely top of the list. And even when that is brought up, the resilience of the American people should have been what served as an inspiration to his team.

Instead, he chose to highlight the attackers' planing and execution is carrying out this mass murder. As Tyler Dunne of Go Long reported, he said,

"He told the entire team they needed to come together. But then, sources on-hand say, he used a strange model: the terrorists on Sept. 11, 2001. He cited the hijackers as a group of people who were all able to get on the same page to orchestrate attacks to perfection. One by one, McDermott started asking specific players in the room questions. ‘What tactics do you think they used to come together?"

Needless to say that it is extremely crass. And fans have been unforgiving in their assessement.

Sean McDermott came out and offered an apology for his comments, which were made in 2019, saying,

"Not only was 9/11 a horrific event in our country’s history, but a day that I lost a good family friend. As I mentioned to the team then that I regretted and apologized for me not doing a good enough job of communicating my point, I’m going to do the same with the team today. So if there’s anyone new, they understand how important that is to me and my family because it’s an important event, a horrific event in our history.”

9/11 backlash against Sean McDermott just the final straw

But the backlash that Sean McDermott has faced has been a long time coming. As the original author of the story who broke this news explained in his three-part piece, it is wider mismanagement that has caused the dam to break. They are 6-6 with Josh Allen as their quarterback and might miss the playoffs when they were supposed to compete for the Super Bowl.

One assistant coach recalled the head coach saying after their divisional round overtime loss against the Kansas City Chiefs two season ago,

You guys need to get away. Recharge, reflect, and figure out what you can do better to avoid that happening again.”

This followed a game where with the game on the line, he took the decision to allow the Chiefs to take possession a touchback and tie the game with a field goal.

The article further goes into details about how Ken Dorsey, the offensive coordinator who was fired, was the fall guy even before the season began. One coach reportedly said in June of this year,

“Next year if they fail, you know who’ll be the first person he serves up? Ken Dorsey.”

The Denver Broncos beat the Bills at home 24-22. It came on a field goal with the time expiring. That the Broncos got in that range is because the Bills head coach allowed 12 men on the field prior to the snap, which gave them a chance to score after they had missed their initial attempt. Instead of taking accountability for it, he fired the offensive coordinator.

Ultimately, that is where the frustration comes from. With Josh Allen there, the window is now to win the Super Bowl. They can see the likes of the Cincinnati Bengals, who have lost Joe Burrow for the season, sitting with the same record as them and showing more of a fight.

When you have your own charges willing to speak so openly against you, despite being the boss, there will be questions about your management style. And when you decide to go back and use the 9/11 attackers as a point of praise, it sure will not help your case.

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Edited by Rit Nanda