Why Tim Patrick could be a hold out candidate for 2022

Denver Broncos v New York Jets
Denver Broncos v New York Jets

Tim Patrick has flown under the radar in the NFL. But Denver Broncos fans have grown to know and cherish him over the last few seasons. Tim Patrick was an undrafted free agent who bounced around the league for a few seasons before landing with the Denver Broncos.

During his time in Denver, Patrick has steadily become a big part of the offense. Now, the bill might be due. Speaking at a press conference after practice, Tim Patrick was reportedly upset about not receiving a long-term contract offer.

Will the wide receiver hold out next season? It's unlikely as Tim Patrick said that he is focused on helping the team win, according to Zac Stevens of DNVR.

Tim Patrick is unhappy with the situation but willing to help the team in the short run. That said, if the team does not win, he could demand a trade. However, if he plays well in 2021 and the Denver Broncos do well as a team, he could feel that he is owed something for contributing to the victories.

Tim Patrick's rise

Tim Patrick has been ascending over the last few seasons. In 2018, PFF gave him a grade of 60.2. He had 23 receptions for 315 yards and one touchdown. In 2019, PFF graded him 66.7. In 2020, Tim Patrick caught 51 balls for 742 yards and six receiving touchdowns. He earned a grade of 74.5.


Denver Broncos hold the cards

If Tim Patrick puts together another season like the one in 2020 or better, he will be able to make an argument that he is a great receiver and needs to be paid like one. The Denver Broncos will have to make a choice. They could agree to see him in this newly elevated role, as they did with Shelby Harris, who signed a new deal this offseason.

But the Denver Broncos could also see him as a decent undrafted free agent signing with more to prove. If the Broncos decide to look the other way, Tim Patrick could try to hold out. He could even ask for a trade or release.

Tim Patrick
Tim Patrick

That said, these are possibilities for 2022 if Tim Patrick performs well. He could also have hit his ceiling in terms of time in the spotlight. Courtland Sutton will be back healthy which will knock him down the depth chart. Either way, 2021 and the beginning of 2022 will be a tipping point for Tim Patrick's career with the Denver Broncos.

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