Azumarill Pokémon

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Azumarill is an aquatic rabbit Pokémon introduced in Gen II. It evolves from Marill and is known as a powerful battler.


About Azumarill

Azumarill is the Aqua Rabbit Pokémon. It’s a Water and Fairy type Pokémon known for its cute appearance fun personality. It loves to play in lakes and rivers.

Azumarill’s National Pokédex number is 184.

First appearance in animePokémon: Johto League Champions (Season 4)
First appearance in gameGeneration 2 (Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal)
Region Johto
Evolution Azurill → Marill → Azumarill
Pokedex EntryIt spends most of its time in the water. On sunny days, Azumarill floats on the surface of the water and sunbathes.

Azumarill Base stats



Azumarill is a bipedal rabbit Pokémon that stands 0.8 meters tall. It has a large, egg-shaped body with no discernable neck. Its feet are attached directly to the bottom of its body, which forces it to move by waddling. It has long ears with pink flesh on the inside, and it has short arms. Its upper body has blue fur with white circle accents, and its lower body is white. It has a thin, black, zigzag tail tipped with a round, blue ball.

Shiny Azumarill trades its blue fur for yellow.

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Azumarill inhabits lakes and streams with others of its kind. It is cheerful, playful, and kind, and it’s known to sometimes rescue drowning people and Pokémon. It has exceptional hearing. Despite Azumarill’s cutesy appearance, it’s quite an accomplished battler. It is a versatile Pokémon with many useful moves and abilities that makes it an unpredictable and dangerous opponent with excellent defensive typing.

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Strengths and Weaknesses

Azumarill’s Water and Fairy typing gives it good defense against Fire, Water, Ice, Fighting, Bug, and Dark type moves and immunity to Dragon type moves. However, Azumarill is weak to Electric, Grass, and Poison type moves.

Azumarill’s high Defense and Special Defense make it a durable wall.

What is the best moveset for Azumarill in Pokemon GO?

Shiny Azumarill

Shiny Azumarill swaps its blue fur for distinct yellow fur. This dramatic palette swap allows Shiny Azumarill to stand out in Pokémon collections and battles.

8] After hunting all night, I finally found a shiny Azumarill! :  ShinyPokemon

Best moveset (Azumarill)

Azumarill is a reliable Pokémon that can have a prominent place in competitive teams.

It’s important to consider Azumarill’s Nature and Ability when preparing for competitive battling.

Azumarill’s Huge Power ability doubles its Attack stat.

The best natures for Azumarill will boost its Attack and will hinder its Special Attack.

The following moveset, combined with good IVs, good EVs, a good Nature, and the right Ability, can make Azumarill a formidable Cleaner.

Belly DrumAqua Jet
Play RoughKnock Off

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How to catch Azumarill in Pokemon Go?

The easiest way to catch Azumarill in Pokémon Go is to evolve Marill.

Players can also catch Azumarill in Pokémon Go by encountering it in the wild, battling it in raid battles, or finding it through special events.

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  1. Azumarill’s design is likely either a combination of a rabbit and a buoy or beach ball, or it may be inspired by the Easter Bunny and Easter Eggs.

  1. Azumarill’s coloration matches that of aquatic predators like dolphins and sharks: light on bottom and dark on top. This color pattern helps it blend in from either above or below.

  1. Azumarill debuted as a solo Water type Pokémon, but it became a dual-type Water and Fairy Pokémon in Gen VI.

  1. Azumarill’s name references the color azure, which is a shade of blue, and Marill. Marill’s name may reference the Japanese words for ball (mari) and lapis lazuli (ruri).


Is Azumarill a good Pokemon?

Azumarill is a strong and unpredictable Pokémon in the standard games thanks to its stat spread, excellent defensive typing, and powerful abilities.

Azumarill excels in the Pokémon Go meta thanks to its great defensive typing and powerful learnset.

What is Azumarill weakness?

Azumarill is weak to Grass, Electric, and Poison.

Is Azumarill worth powering up?

In Pokémon Go, XL Azumarill is one of the top Pokémon in the Great League. Azumarill is worth powering up to 1500 for use in Great League battles.


Azumarill is well-loved for its adorable appearance, but behind that cute face and gentle personality is a dangerous battler. Azumarill excels in both the standard games and in the Pokémon Go meta, and it also features heavily in the Pokémon anime and the Pokémon TCG. Add Azumarill to your team today!

Let’s Go, Azumarill!