Giovanni counters and weaknesses in Pokemon GO for May 2022

Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket (Image via Game Freak)
Giovanni is the leader of Team Rocket (Image via Game Freak)

In May, Giovanni is reappearing in Pokemon GO, and it looks like it will take a solid team to beat him.

Whenever Giovanni pops back up, that usually means he is carrying a Shadow legendary with him. This time, it's no different, as he now has Shadow Latias to anchor his team. The rest of his squad looks a little scary, so trainers will want to prepare for this battle.

Which Pokemon are good to use against Giovanni's team?


First off, here is a look at the team Giovanni will be bringing in May:

  • Lead: Persian
  • Second: Honchkrow/Gyarados/Rhyperior
  • Last: Shadow Latias

In a way, it is better for the player to know a guaranteed two slots of Giovanni's team; it's just that one of them (Shadow Latias) might be difficult to counter.

As for dealing with Persian, though, the one thing trainers can really do is use Fighting-type Pokemon. This can put the trainer in a strong position because Fighting-types also beat Rhyperior if Giovanni uses it.

Any Fighting-type will do the trick, but trainers should look for those with the Dynamic Punch move. It might save them from taking severe damage while trying to charge up a different move, like Close Combat or Focus Blast.

Examples of strong Fighting-types for this battle would be Breloom, Machamp, Lucario, and Conkeldurr.

Giovanni will be using Shadow Latias (Image via Niantic)
Giovanni will be using Shadow Latias (Image via Niantic)

If Giovanni doesn't bring Rhyperior second, trainers will need a way to deal with either Honchkrow or Gyarados. Fortunately, they are both Flying-type, which means they both get destroyed by Electric Pokemon.

Any Electric-type in the game should be able to deal with Gyarados since it takes quadruple super-effective damage from Electric moves. As for Honchkrow, trainers might want to use the better Electric-types in the game to put them in a better position.

Examples of the strong Electric-type Pokemon in the game are Zapdos, Mega Manectric, Raikou, and Magnezone. All of these have strong stats, and most of them have access to Wild Charge.

Now for the big challenge: countering Shadow Latias. It can be pretty puzzling since, technically, Dragon-types do the most DPS to Latias, but they also take super-effective damage from its Outrage.

If available, trainers can undoubtedly rely on Dialga. It's Dragon and Steel, so it takes neutral damage from Latias' Dragon moves. Otherwise, it might be ill-advised to use any other Dragon unless they are incredibly high CP.

Charm spam is always a great option to deal with Latias. Fairy types will take minimal damage from Outrage. The best choice for this would be Gardevoir since it also resists Latias' Psychic moves. Gardevoir will be able to take many hits from Latias and fire back with Charm and Dazzling Gleam.

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