What is the rarest shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO?

Druddigon and its shiny in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)
Druddigon and its shiny in Pokemon GO (Image via Niantic)

Catching shiny Pokemon in Pokemon GO is a point of pride for many trainers, who search tirelessly for the shiny variants of many rare and powerful Pokemon.


Though Pokemon GO's shiny Pokemon are fairly difficult to catch in general, some are much rarer than others. Some are even nigh impossible to catch without the assistance of in-game events.

This leaves Pokemon GO trainers wondering about which Pokemon has the rarest shiny form available. The answer may be somewhat unexpected, but recent developments by Niantic have essentially made Pikachu Libre's shiny form unobtainable at the moment.

The rarest shiny in Pokemon GO as of May 2022

Pikachu Libre and its shiny variant are both incredibly difficult to acquire (Image via Niantic)
Pikachu Libre and its shiny variant are both incredibly difficult to acquire (Image via Niantic)

Most of the Pokemon GO community agrees that shiny Pikachu Libre is currently the most difficult shiny to obtain. This is due to many factors, including the difficulty of obtaining a standard Pikachu Libre. To do so, trainers must reach the Legend rank of Pokemon GO's PvP Battle League (a very difficult feat in and of itself). This allows trainers to come across Pikachu Libre in a catch encounter. However, like many Pokemon, Pikachu Libre has a very slight chance of appearing as an orange-hued shiny.

Some trainers were lucky enough to catch this incredibly shiny variant. However, doing so is no longer possible, at least for the moment. As of March 2022, Niantic has removed shiny Pikachu Libre from the game.

This is due to the previous ranked PvP season ending, with the unranked season now taking place. As a result, Niantic removed shiny Pikachu Libre since unranked seasons are much easier to progress through.


Due to this decision by Niantic, the only Pokemon GO trainers who have access to shiny Pikachu Libre are those who have caught it before. However, this appears to be a temporary setback for PvP trainers and shiny hunters. Typically, when Niantic removes Pikachu Libre's shiny, it is reintroduced when the next ranked season takes place. The "interlude" season that trainers are currently participating in is slated to end on June 1, 2022 at 1.00 pm PDT.

Once the interlude season ends, it's likely that the next ranked PvP season will begin soon after. With that being the case, it's highly probable that Niantic will reintroduce shiny Pikachu Libre.

Since players' ranks will get reset in the new season, they'll need to climb the PvP ranks once more and reach the Legend rank for a chance to find Pikachu Libre's shiny. Doing so is still incredibly difficult, as this particular shiny Pokemon is exceptionally rare, and players only receive one Pikachu Libre encounter upon reaching the Legend rank.


Since PvP is the only path to obtaining this gem of a Pokemon, trainers should begin preparing as soon as possible. This means assembling a top team of powerful Pokemon with exceptional moves and synergy.

As players climb to the Legend rank, they'll once again have a chance to catch their own Pikachu Libre. If they're incredibly lucky, they'll face the shiny instead and can bask in the glory of having one of the most sought-after shiny variants that the game has ever seen.

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