Roblox to allow the use of emotes as profile picture poses, fans demand bigger changes

Players will be able to choose emotes for Avatars and make fancy profile pictures soon (Image via Sportkseeda)
Players will be able to choose emotes for Avatars and make fancy profile pictures soon (Image via Sportkseeda)

Roblox Trackers recently tweeted about an upcoming update, which is small but important. At this point in time, it's only a sneak peek as the team hasn't revealed the release date or if it will only be available for the premium lot.

Nevertheless, it split the fans into two teams. One that loves the new update and the other prefers the 'old' version. This article is dedicated to sharing the details so players can decide for themselves.

Roblox update will allow fans to create profile pictures featuring emotes

What is the update about?

馃懁 Coming soon to Roblox: Choose an emote for your avatar and use it as your profile picture. #Roblox #RobloxDev

It's neither a Rickey Rat chapter update nor a Minecraft update. Rather, it's the ability to customize the Avatar for the account's profile picture. Everyone had anticipated that Roblox would eventually add something like this, or that the team would do something similar at the very least.

Users can go to the home page and look at the friends list to see all of the icons with the small general Avatars, as well as the main profile icon with the usual Avatar, right next to the user name or display name.

Fun emotes to choose in Roblox (Image via Roblox)
Fun emotes to choose in Roblox (Image via Roblox)

Users will be able to adjust this with the latest update. Simply put, it allows users to customize the Avatar and express themselves to their full potential by utilizing emotes. For example, Avatars can be depicted bobbing a curtsy or jumping in a joyous stance, reflecting the emotions of the users.

A look at the process


When it says 'Profile Picture', the little icon of the Avatar is pointed at. As can be see in the Twitter video, it shows that users can go to the Avatar editor right next to 'Customize' and 'Shop' buttons. Post the update, there will be a new option that will say, 'Edit Profile Picture.' When users will go to edit the profile picture, it will show all the different Emotes that users already own.

These emotes can be purchased from the catalog and then put it into the emote wheel. Additionally, users can purchase a new emote. Next, they will be able to select the emote of choice. Moving on to the next section, which is the camera position, that players can use to rotate the new Avatar around and zoom in or out.

Basically, users will be able to customize the profile image as they like it. Once finished situating the Avatar and camera, players can go ahead. The final stage will show a preview of what the profile image would look like if players used all of the settings. Both of these views will be utilized as the app's profile picture.

That's all there is to it. Users will then be able to go back to profile or look at the updated ubercool profile picture.

The controversy surrounding the new update

The Twitter video limits the update to the customization of the profile picture only. The quick video did not go to include any other updates regarding the chat system, game controls, or anything remotely related to the other major functionalities.

However, this did not stop users from criticizing the update. Many stated that the game developers are ignoring serious issues in order to work on minor updates like this. In reality, this is unlikely to take up too much time, effort, or resources, and would certainly not prevent them from working on some of the more serious issues.

Many hope that the developers will be given a chance to prove that updates like these are truly going to be a lot of fun. Sadly, Twitter saw a completely different trend. Many were disappointed and demanded that the 'old' Roblox be brought back.

@NatCatTheBear @RobloxTrackers @Bloxy_News lets be honestcompared to the the updates we've been gettingthis is a great update

Many players love the update. Comparisons were made between this update and the previous insignificant updates. Users found it refreshing and something enjoyable.

@RobloxTrackers @Bloxy_News excuse me what.someone tell me I'm seeing things..Roblox is just getting messed up now like bring back the old Roblox will ya?

It is a common understanding that people resist change because of lack of awareness about the purpose and reason for the change. As stated earlier, the tweet was just a sneak peek, and Roblox developers might have more changes included in the next update.

@NatCatTheBear @RobloxTrackers @Bloxy_News hell naw.. they wouldnt do that anyways where u bring old roblox back but why u like old roblox better? i mean todays roblox is good

Some accepted the changes in Roblox's new age. Many are happy to see that the game is growing everyday and working not just just on inventory but also working on the petty things that can be easily neglected.

@NatCatTheBear @RobloxTrackers @Bloxy_News dude this profile picture customisation thing sounds awesome and you cant say otherwise, only thing I'm praying for is for us to be able to use R6 emotes in the profile pics (/e dance, /e wave, /e laugh, etc)

Some were receptive and shared feedback. Although it's too soon to predict the exact list of emotes that will be available, seeing feedback like these will let the developers know what to work with.

Some call it a mess. The new update is purely optional. The platform is not forcing users to make the changes. One can use it to set an appearance or ignore it. All the games in Roblox like Brookhaven, Pet Simulator X, King Legacy, and more remain untouched or unaffected.

@NatCatTheBear @RobloxTrackers @Bloxy_News I started roblox in 2012 though i like current roblox better. I don't really care about the community action, never really experienced it, i ignored it. So to me it's all just better and better roblox engine and mechanics. Followed by more beautiful graphics

Some players have been enjoying Roblox for ages through thick and thin. Great love for the game continues to grow. Here's a fun fact, Admin was the first registered user on Roblox. The user joined on June 30, 2004, with an ID of 1.

@NatCatTheBear @RobloxTrackers @Bloxy_News Screw old roblox i dont want to play a 5fps game Just for nostalgia also u probably joined 2020

As long as it's memories, nostalgia can be fun. The same may not apply to gaming. Nobody wants to ever wants to go back to 5FPS after living in 60 FPS. The gaming experience is always enhanced, be it software or through some fancy hardware equipment.

@RobloxTrackers instead of doing these small unnecessary changes focus on fixing your high ping servers i always get put in servers like 1k ping which is not even close to my country. No one asked for this update
@OldKeeby @mark16649670 @RobloxTrackers It honestly depends on ur server location, but roblox only has america , europe asia and Australian servers, making new server locations costs quite a buck but they are literally a billion dollar company

All concerns need to be addressed one step at a time. Not all issues are related and need individual attention. Users can raise tickets to tackle individual issues. Please visit the Help section to go through the FAQs or raise a ticket.

@RobloxTrackers can鈥檛 wait for people to use the sleep emote and turn their avatar to the behind

The update is not just a fancy profile picture adjustment, but can be useful too. Players are eagerly waiting for the update to use it in creative ways. Users can use it to indicate whether players are active or away from the keyboard.

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