Roblox UnConventional Codes (May 2022): Free cash, tickets, and more

There are many available codes for Roblox UnConventional (Image via Roblox)
There are many available codes for Roblox UnConventional (Image via Roblox)

Roblox UnConventional was recently updated and has released new codes, also known as freebies. Created by big_thonk in 2021, it is an action-packed game.

With almost 9.5 million users visiting it regularly, the multiplayer game can be played with up to 30 gamers connected to a single server. It allows players to use their powers and abilities while fighting their opponents.

The game is inspired by a webtoon named UnOrdinary. UnConventional requires a lot of money (in-game) to gain stronger skills to fight their opponents. Gamers can earn money by winning the battles, or they can easily use the codes provided by the developers.

In every update, the developers of Roblox games release new freebies for the players to have more fun while playing the game. These codes will help individuals get free rewards such as cash, status, tier tickets, and more to maintain their interest in the gamers.

Roblox: Codes for UnCoventional to redeem free rewards

Active codes


These codes are case-sensitive, so players are advised to use them word-for-word from the list below for their proper functioning. Gamers should also note that these codes do not last forever and can expire any time soon. So they must try using these codes as quickly as possible to enjoy the gaming session more efficiently.

  • !a mongoose – Redeem code for free reward (NEW)
  • !perpetual pain – Redeem code for free reward (NEW)
  • !Lunch money – code reward – Money (New)
  • !bands – code reward – Money (New)
  • !Update Real – code reward – Money (New)
  • !Atonement – code reward – lose clown status
  • !notfake – code reward – Free Money
  • Someonewrotegullibleontheceiling – code reward – 100k Cash & 1 high tier ticket
  • Greed – code reward – 100k Cash & 1 high tier ticket
  • !:TROLL – code reward – Freebies
  • !GLBro – code reward – Freebies
  • MerryChristopher – code reward – 10k Cash and 5 amps
  • SorryNoEvent – code reward – 10k cash
  • gaining/losing money is funny – code reward – half chance to win or lose 25k
  • goodbyearbiters – code reward – 10k and 1 amp
  • dataresetpog – code reward – 10k and 2 common tickets
  • update? gaming. – code reward – 10k, 1 amp, 3 common tickets, and 1 elite tier ticket
  • Guwullible – code reward – 2M Cash
  • Greed – code reward – Net Worth Extreme
  • Barber – code reward – 20k cash
  • NPCSREAL – code reward – 20k cash
  • NEWMAPPOG – code reward – 20k cash
  • Supernova – code reward – currency
  • Pro Codeuser – code reward – currency
  • code reserver – code reward – currency
  • i made this code a month ago – code reward – the undisclosed amount of currency
  • losing money is funny – code reward – Warning!!: Nukes earned money
  • substantial cash prize – code reward – 20k Cash
  • boss raid – code reward – 36 dollars of income

Users must note that they should be at level 4.5+, and cash requires higher levels to access the codes.

Expired codes

Since these codes are not everlasting and expire after some time, players can always check for expired ones to avoid wasting their time. They must also note that there is no harm in entering an expired code, as it will not affect any progress in the game. The code will simply not work when entered.

  • halloween event – code reward – Graveyard cosmetic
  • big_money – code reward– 9k cash
  • Roulette – code reward– 3k cash
  • Secret – code reward– free 20+ income
  • MaidingMalding -code reward– free 12+ income
  • Phoenix – code reward– free 20+ income
  • Demon – code reward– free 10,000 cash
  • CODERELEASEPOG: code reward– free money or in-game cash (requires level 4)
  • IncomeReset: code reward – reset your money or in-game cash to 100
  • heykidcheckthisout: code reward – reset your money or in-game cash to 100

How to redeem codes in UnConventional?


To redeem codes in Roblox UnCoventional, users can follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open Roblox on mobile, PC, or any other device

Step 2: Launch UnConventional

Step 3: Find the NPC on the map (the one with a purple jacket and has a Katana sword)

Step 4: Get close to that NPC

Step 5: A code input box will appear

Step 6: Enter the desired code from the list above. Otherwise, copy the desired code and paste it into the box, and hit enter to claim the rewards

Roblox players are advised to stay connected with the developers of the game to stay updated regarding the game and codes and stay aware of the new releases of these codes to be able to use them.

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