Top 10 easy Roblox games

Start playing Roblox (Image via Roblox)
Start playing Roblox (Image via Roblox)

Roblox games appeal to a large audience because they cover every genre. Roblox can be difficult even though some games feature action, some include roleplay, and some are straightforward adaptations of anime.

This article will cover a list that will guide Roblox players who want to play easy games. These games are simple, easy to understand, and don't require extensive analysis. In this manner, gamers can become acquainted with the system and learn the fundamentals, such as typical gaming controls, what Robux is, how to make friends and many other things.

Since Roblox games are mostly free, it's simple to browse and choose a game that everyone will enjoy. It's up to the players whether they want to purchase improvements for a particular game, which costs Robux.

These easy games in Roblox will not require any thinking or plotting

10) Sonic Speed Simulator


The Sonic Speed Simulator is a special Roblox Experience created by Sega in collaboration with Gamefam. Players collect coins and gems to raise their level, which makes it possible for them to move more quickly.

Battle Dr. Robotnik defends little creatures and runs the traditional loop-de-loops, all while pursuing special challenges. Younger players love seeing themselves develop faster over time, while older children enjoy the harder levels.

9) Welcome to Bloxburg


Unlike Brookhaven, where players can immediately begin roleplaying by placing a pre-built house, Welcome to Bloxburg lets players construct their own home. Players can purchase automobiles, participate in group roleplays, and work jobs to earn extra in-game currency.

The drawback is that it's a paid experience; to access this game, gamers must pay 25 Robux. But once they're in, players frequently stick with the game for a long time.

8) Gas Station Simulator


For Roblox users, this new experience has already proven to be fantastic. The supplies need to be stocked, automobiles need to be refueled, and someone has to work the cash register at the Roblox-staffed petrol station in the middle of nowhere.

This experience has become a terrific way to spend a boring afternoon thanks to emergent RP and a steady list of chores to complete to earn more money.

7) Murder Mystery 2


The game in this list with the Horror tag is called Murder Mystery 2. Every round, a player is chosen randomly to be the killer and another to be the sheriff. The innocents are an additional five to ten players.

The sheriff must strive to identify and eventually stop the murderer, while the innocents want to survive and can help with the sheriff's investigation. Each of the three groups plays by its own rules with distinct victory criteria.

6) Pet Simulator X


In the pursuit of building a distinctive pet collection, those who put enough time into this particular pet collector will be able to unlock new worlds, enchant, and enhance their creatures.

Pet Simulator X has had over 4.4 billion visits and 4.2 million favorites. It is a calming game that we recommend to almost everyone. Considering players may trade pets, going on an adventure with their pals is a fun method to amass a cute collection of adorable creatures.

5) 3008


Thanks to the success of films like Five Nights at Freddy's and similar works, children are becoming casual-horror fans far earlier than the majority of the older generation.

Instead of having horrific experiences like those in the Outlast series, these games usually center around a sophisticated version of hide-and-seek where one player gets to play as the monster amid ominous environments.

In 3008, players navigate an IKEA while avoiding a monster as they run around and solve puzzles.

4) BedWars


Putting a child directly into CS:GO matchmaking without prior experience is not the best option. BedWars is an excellent introduction to competitive gaming for kids who have expressed interest.

Its straightforward rules, brief rounds, and fast-paced actions encourage more thinking than trash-talking. Even though Roblox allows for some toxic behavior in the chat, some have taken advantage of the chance to teach their kids how to behave online, which has subsequently paid off.

3) Adopt Me!


The most popular game on Roblox is still Adopt Me! To earn money to buy distinctive cosmetics and new pets for additional challenges, users must complete challenges with their pets to make money. With a younger audience, this can be hit or miss; however, the methods required to finish tasks and obtain additional pets might be challenging.

2) Brookhaven RP


Brookhaven RP has been a huge hit thanks to its roleplay and emergent gameplay options. Players are placed in a bustling city where they can build residences on empty lots and party till dawn. Use dozens of in-game emotes, fly helicopters, navigate city streets, and chat to meet new people.

1) Royale High


As Royale High glorifies high school for kids, it continues to be on this list. Royale High, a realistic coming-of-age experience, has a ton of mini-games and cosmetic unlocks to keep gamers strolling its halls for years.

Competitive children might find this place boring, but those who enjoy conversation and making new acquaintances won't have much trouble finding something better.

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