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8 over the top celebrations in cricket

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The basic urge to celebrate a victory exists in all of us, irrespective of the circumstance, or the field of achievement. This is all the more the case when it comes to the realm of professional sports.The sight of the ball sailing over the ropes for a batsman, or the middle stump doing a cartwheel for a bowler is certain to incite great passion. But sometimes, the on-field celebrations of the players seem a bit too much and tend to put off fans, rather than putting a smile on their faces.Here’s a look at 8 over the top celebrations in cricket.

#1 Imran Tahir\'s run

Joyful run

What started as a genuine expression of joy seems to have become a routine now for Imran Tahir. A wicket at a crucial point in a game may warrant this type of celebration, but Tahir’s endless sprint across the pitch almost every time he bags a scalp (even the wicket of a tail-ender), has started to become an eyesore for fans. 

Watch the celebration here:

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