NBA Parlays

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What Is a Parlay?

Combining multiple bets into one grand wager is known as a parlay bet. It takes each bet, also known as a leg, and makes it where they all have to win for the bet to win at greatly increased odds. It’s a way to win big without having to risk as much money at the trade-off of a much higher difficulty.

How Do You Bet on a Parlay?

Betting on a parlay requires you to add at least two bets to your bet slip. When the slip has multiple bets, there will be an option to parlay them if they can be parlayed. If the bets you select are valid options by the sportsbook, parlay them, and there will only be one box for you to wager on them with new odds.

Put every bet you want as a leg into the parlay, then submit the wager for your parlay bet.

What Are the Types of NBA Parlays?

NBA parlays have more variety than just the standard multi-team parlays where each leg is taken from a different game. Sportsbooks frequently offer NBA parlays centered on star players and multiple teams from the same state, for example.

Same-Game Parlay

As expected, a same-game parlay is a parlay made entirely of bet selections from a single game. The bets can all be based on one team or a mix of both. Typically they’ll have some correlation, such as Devin Booker over 1.5 threes, Devin Booker over 19.5 points, and the Phoenix Suns Moneyline.

FanDuel made same-game parlays popular in the U.S., and a lot of sportsbooks quickly began offering them as well. Now, same-game parlays will commonly be premade and offered prominently by the sportsbook. Other sportsbooks now have dedicated tabs to same-game parlays too.

Cross-Sport Parlay

Cross-sport parlays are exactly what they sound like, with sportsbooks offering premade parlay selections involving at least two different sports. The reason they’re premade is that the sportsbooks will usually offer them at slightly better odds than if they were manually constructed. The NBA and NHL seasons run simultaneously, so it’s common to find cross-sport parlays involving those sports throughout the season.

What is the Best Parlay Strategy?

Parlays are fun and rewarding but also challenging to master. Taking care of your money is important, especially when one losing part ruins the entire parlay.

Here are some strategies for getting the most out of NBA parlays.

Play Favorites

Basketball is a sport where the heavy favorite tends to almost certainly win when compared to other sports with a long season. Adding a heavily favored team on the moneyline to an existing parlay or combining multiple big favorites into a parlay are solid options to get around unfavorable odds.

Keep the Legs Reasonable

While it may look incredible to win a six- or seven-team parlay, it probably won’t happen very often, if ever. There’s a reason the odds are so high on them. Avoid creating parlays with greater than four legs, as the difficulty quickly trumps the reward.

Check Out Other Sportsbooks

The odds for each leg of a parlay may vary depending on where you look. This, of course, affects the parlay odds, which could alter how much you win. Look around and see what sportsbooks are offering before placing your NBA parlay bet.