5 current WWE Superstars and how long they intend to continue wrestling

Rey Mysterio (left) and Sheamus (right)
Rey Mysterio (left) and Sheamus (right)

A few WWE Superstars have retired from in-ring competition over the past few years. The Undertaker, a more household name, for example, hung up his boots in 2020 after defeating AJ Styles in a Boneyard match at WrestleMania 36. Likewise, a name a more hardcore fan would recognize, Kenny Dykstra stepped away from the ring in April 2021 to become a coach at the company's Performance Center.

Meanwhile, a few other current WWE Superstars have also revealed their retirement plans. A former world champion may even be hanging up his boots next year.

Here are five current WWE Superstars and how long they intend to continue wrestling.

#5. AJ Styles

AJ Styles might retire in 2024
AJ Styles might retire in 2024

In 1998, AJ Styles kicked off his professional wrestling career. The Phenomenal One then competed in several promotions, including ROH and IMPACT Wrestling, before signing with WWE in 2016.

Over the past six years, Styles has become one of the top Superstars in the Stamford-based company. He is both a Triple Crown and Grand Slam Champion.

In an interview with Newsweek in 2019, the 45-year-old spoke about his retirement, stating that the contract he signed that year was his last:

"I can tell you that this contract that I've signed is my last. This is the perfect place for me to be. It's family-oriented, I have no problem taking my family to the shows. It's a PG product, which I enjoy. I'm in the best place I can be for my career," said Styles.

However, Styles signed a new contract earlier this year. His new deal reportedly expires in January 2024. Hence, The Phenomenal One could be hanging up his boots in less than two years.

In an interview with Kevin Kellam of Sportskeeda Wrestling, Styles disclosed how he feels as his retirement approaches:

"We're getting to that point where I feel great about retirement coming up, eventually. Because I've had so many great matches with so many great guys, so it kinda puts your mind at ease that you were able to accomplish," Styles said.

The former WWE Champion is currently active on Monday Night RAW. He had not competed on RAW since August 29, when he teamed up with Dolph Ziggler in a losing fashion against The Judgment Day.

#4. WWE Hall of Famer Edge

In the mid-1990s, Edge joined WWE. The Rated-R Superstar spent nearly 15 years as a regular competitor in the Stamford-based company. He is a Triple Crown, Grand Slam, and 11-time World Champion. However, the 48-year-old retired in 2011 due to injury.

After nine years of absence, Edge returned to the squared circle in 2020. Nevertheless, the former WWE Champion's second run will seemingly end soon.

The Rated-R Superstar's current deal will reportedly end in 2023. After a recent episode of Monday Night RAW in Toronto, Canada, Edge revealed to his compatriots that he plans to retire next August:

"I'm looking at the calendar, and we usually come here in August. So next August, I plan on seeing each and every one of you. And in a perfect world, we all say goodbye to each other that night. Hey, but that's OK man, this is the place for me to do it, OK?" he said. (H/T: TimesNowNews)

Edge is now active on Monday Night RAW. He is currently feuding with The Judgment Day.

#3. Rey Mysterio

Rey Mysterio might retire in three years
Rey Mysterio might retire in three years

After kicking off his wrestling career in the late 1980s, Rey Mysterio competed in a few promotions, including WCW and ECW, before signing with WWE in 2002. The 47-year-old is on a 13-year run in the Stamford-based company. He has won several titles, including three world championships.

Mysterio left WWE in 2015 after his contract expired. Nevertheless, he returned to the company three years later.

During his current run, Mysterio has been helping his son, Dominik, establish himself as a WWE Superstar. The two became the first-ever father-son tag team champions in history after capturing the SmackDown Tag Team Titles in 2021.

The former World Heavyweight Champion's current WWE run may be his last. In a recent interview with BT Sport, The Master of the 619 disclosed that he plans to retire in three years:

"With wrestling, you know, I've always heard from others that they just go until they can't go no more. There's really no start and end date. You just run through it until you decide to step away and do something else. For me, I've never had an end date plan. It's always been, 'I'm just going to keep going.' Now I'm getting closer to my 50s and I see my son wrestling, I do tell myself, 'Okay, I want to go three more years. I don't want to go past 50.' But then I remind myself, 'What if you feel good? Can you still go another year?' But I think as of right now, my date has always been, 'Don't go over 50,'" said Mysterio.

Mysterio is currently active on Monday Night RAW. He is now feuding with his son and the rest of The Judgment Day after Dominik attacked his father at Clash at the Castle and joined the stable.

#2. Sheamus

After competing for a few years on the European independent circuit, Sheamus joined WWE in 2006. He has since been an active competitor for the company. Over the last 16 years, The Celtic Warrior has won several titles, including four world championships.

Although the Irish Superstar is 44, he has no intention of stepping away from the ring anytime soon. In a recent interview with Inside The Ropes, Sheamus revealed that he plans to wrestle for at least eight more years:

"As long as people get excited to see the Celtic Warrior go out there, I'll just keep going as long as possible. I feel like I have got at least another 8 years in me," he said. (H/T: WrestleTalk)

Sheamus is now active on SmackDown. He is currently the leader of The Brawling Brutes stable, which includes Butch and Ridge Holland.

#1. United States Champion Bobby Lashley

United States Champion Bobby Lashley
United States Champion Bobby Lashley

In 2005, Bobby Lashley made his WWE debut. The All Mighty spent three years in the company, during which he won a few titles, including the ECW Championship. WWE then released him from his contract in 2008.

After competing for nearly a decade in other promotions, Lashley returned to the company in 2018. Since his comeback, The Almighty has become one of the company's top Superstars, winning two WWE Championships, among a few other titles.

Lashley is now 46. In an interview with The Ringer Wrestling podcast last January, he spoke about his retirement plans. The All Mighty revealed that he might be done with wrestling when he reaches the age of 50:

"I'll know when it's time to say when, but I'm far from there. I'm looking at the years and looking at what I believe I can do and I'm like, 'I don't believe I should be wrestling when I'm 50 years old,' but I feel so good now that I don't know. If I'm feeling as good as I feel now, two years from now, there is no reason why I can't. If my appearance fades or I can't keep on the weight or run with these kids the way they are coming up, I'll take note of that. Right now, I'm 100% and I think I can run through anybody on the roster right now," he said. (H/T Fightful)

Lashley is currently active on the red brand as the United States Champion. He will defend his title against Seth Rollins tomorrow on Monday Night RAW.

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