5 directions for Enzo Amore if he ever returns to WWE

Will "Real1" Enzo Amore ever return to WWE?
Will "Real1" Enzo Amore ever return to WWE?

Enzo Amore has kept himself busy wrestling for numerous promotions since his time with WWE came to a close in 2018. However, plenty of nZo's fans are hoping to see the former two-time Cruiserweight Champion return to the Stamford-based promotion. Amore is most famously known for his time in WWE when he was part of the tag team known as Enzo and Cass.

Recently, he has made appearances in Ohio Valley Wrestling, debuting as a special guest referee in early December 2023 during an OVW Heavyweight Championship match between 'The Veteran' Jack Vaughn and 'Shotgun' Tony Gunn. The 37-year-old former WWE Superstar would later take credit for Gunn winning the match and the title.

Real1 wrestled his first match in OVW in early January 2024, earning a victory over Gnarls Garvin. Currently, Amore is engaged in a feud with Tony Gunn, which heated up after he cost Gunn the OVW Heavyweight Title to Vaughn on January 25, 2024.

While his current work in OVW is certainly entertaining, many of his fans would rather see him on the biggest wrestling platform possible, which is WWE. Enzo reportedly had a lot of backstage heat in the Stamford-based promotion, which heavily contributed to his release in January 2018. Months following his WWE firing, Enzo was kicked out of the Staples Center during that year's Survivor Series after causing a scene near the front row.

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If Enzo were to somehow return to WWE in 2024, what directions would Muscles Marinara take? Without further ado, let's review five potential outcomes for the Certified G if he were to come back to the sports entertainment juggernaut.

#5. Enzo Amore meets 'The Don' Tony D'Angelo and The Family on WWE NXT

Tony D'Angelo's Family recently lost the NXT Tag Team Titles to the tandem of Bron Breakker and Baron Corbin. The Don and his underlings need some uplifting after such an impactful loss. What if, sometime in the future, they were to run into Enzo Amore? What if Real1 infiltrates The Family?

The mic skills of The Trash Talker Sky Walker made the tag team known as 'Enzo and Cass' as popular as can be with the WWE Universe during their run with the company. However, there's no guarantee that Enzo's New Jersey loudmouth persona will fit in with mafiosos like Channing 'Stacks' Lorenzo, Adriana Rizzo, and Tony D'Angelo. If Amore isn't careful, he may end up getting whacked. In other words, if he upsets The Family, nZo could end up "swimming with the fishes" while wearing a pair of cement shoes.

NXT newcomer Luca Crusifino appears to have aspirations of becoming consigliere of The Family. But if Enzo were to somehow become a legal representative of The Don, even if it's a temporary role, he'd predictably become a mash-up of Joe Pesci from the 1992 film My Cousin Vinny and Charlie Kelly from the American sitcom It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

#4. Enzo Amore goes after the NXT Heritage Cup currently held by Noam Dar

Enzo's persona and in-ring style greatly contrast with the tradition of British Rounds Rules. Amore isn't an in-ring technician who came from the now-defunct NXT UK. Rather, he's a Certified G from the streets who takes care of business the New Jersey way.

Record-setting three-time and current NXT Heritage Cup champion Noam Dar would certainly feel insulted if Enzo Amore were to even think he's qualified to compete for his cup. The heel Dar would be incensed with the brash, cocky Enzo if they were to spar with a live microphone. Noam would become even more enraged if Real1 were to somehow defeat him for the Heritage Cup.


Considering the personality of Enzo, it wouldn't be surprising for him to party with the Heritage Cup if he were to defeat Dar. Noam would be livid at the idea of Real1 defiling the trophy that he cherishes. Amore might eat and drink out of the cup, but who knows what else he'll do to it?

#3. Enzo and Omos become a tag team

Omos has been dubbed "a special attraction" by WWE. As a result, The Nigerian Giant has only been used sparsely on television, wrestling only two televised matches in the past nine months. Omos' last televised appearance was in the 2024 Men's Royal Rumble match on January 27th. Before that, Omos last appeared in a televised match at the 2023 SummerSlam Premium Live Event, competing in the Slim Jim Battle Royal. In recent months, Omos almost exclusively competes at house shows.

The Nigerian Giant is very tall, standing at a billed height of 7'3". Enzo Amore's former tag team partner Big Cass was billed as being seven-foot-tall during his time in WWE. Enzo was at the height of his popularity when he was accompanied by a giant wrestler. If Amore ever returns to WWE, what if he teams up with a taller tag team partner from Nigeria?

Teaming with Enzo could potentially bring out Omos' comedic and fun-loving side. A potential downside to that partnership is that it possibly could kill off any mystique The Nigerian Giant has built up as a fearsome monster on the main roster. However, Omos isn't doing much in WWE at the moment. Plus, there's a good chance that he'd finally get over with the crowd if placed with someone as charismatic as Muscles Marinara.


Omos is a former RAW Tag Team Champion alongside "The Phenomenal" AJ Styles. Currently, he's a singles wrestler who's accompanied by MVP as his ringside manager. Is it time for The Nigerian Giant to dominate the tag team division once again?

#2. Enzo is an underdog going after the NXT North American Championship currently held by Oba Femi

The current NXT North American Champion is a Nigerian powerhouse known as Oba Femi, billed at 6'6" and weighing 310 pounds. The most recent challenger for Oba's title was Lexis King, who stands at 6'1" and was formerly referred to in pro wrestling as Brian Pillman Jr.


Enzo Amore is a fantastic talker who could teach both Oba Femi and Lexis King a thing or two on the microphone. If he were to ever return to WWE and go back to NXT, he'd arguably fit well in a mid-card role, and the North American Championship is a major mid-card title of the white-and-gold brand.

Enzo has faced a lot of adversity in his pro wrestling career and continues to keep fighting. Many wrestling fans love an underdog story, and Amore can use that to his advantage if he were to return to the sports entertainment powerhouse currently owned by Endeavor. Real1 is physically smaller than both King and Femi, but as the saying goes, "It's not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog."

#1. Enzo feuds with Baron Corbin because of a decade-old fart in Dusty Rhodes' promo class

Enzo Amore and Baron Corbin were in WWE NXT at the same time a decade ago. Both wrestlers also attended Dusty Rhodes' promo class together. During one of Dusty's classes, Enzo raised his hand to give Corbin feedback on the promo he just cut. Enzo admittedly let out an incredibly loud fart, which got him kicked out of the room. Dusty decided to fire Enzo for this incident, but he would change his mind and reverse his decision the next day. Amore was also reportedly fined $250 for his fart.


Baron Corbin is currently a free agent in WWE. However, he's exclusively been appearing on the white-and-gold brand in recent months. Corbin is the current NXT Tag Team Champion alongside Bron Breakker. However, with Bron making his WWE SmackDown in-ring debut during the upcoming pre-taped episode of the blue brand, the young Steiner's days in the developmental brand are nearing an end.

If Enzo were to someday make his way back to NXT while The Lone Wolf is still on the brand, wrestling fans might see a decade-old fart turn into a full-fledged storyline on the developmental brand. Corbin could potentially attack Amore and look to get his receipt for Enzo's sign of disrespect.

Enzo has a billed height of 5'11" and Corbin is billed at 6'8", so there's a significant size difference between both wrestlers. If they were to engage in an onscreen rivalry sometime in the future, Amore would very likely be the underdog fighting an uphill battle against the much larger Lone Wolf.

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