Southpaw Regional Wrestling

Southpaw Regional Wrestling is an online video series produced by WWE and created by Brian Pellegatto. It is fictional professional wrestling under the genre of Comedy/Sports. The video series is a parody of the professional wrestling promotions that used to take place in the Southern states in the 1980s. A total of 12 episodes have been telecasted over two seasons on WWE's official website, YouTube and the WWE Network.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling was a huge hit. No one could have predicted that what started as a promotional tie-in between WWE and Kentucky Fried Chicken would do so remarkably well. After the success of Season 1, which received more than 2.5 million views on YouTube, fans were eagerly waiting for Season 2. The second season of Southpaw Regional Wrestling was finally announced in May 2017 by John Cena. Season 2 of Southpaw Regional Wrestling was aired in August 2018. However, Season 2 failed to continue what Season 1 had established and was not received warmly by the fans. Although the premise still has a lot of potentials, a third installment of the Southpaw Regional Wrestling seems very unlikely.

Southpaw Regional Wrestling Cast

CharacterPortrayed byWWE Ring name
Chad 2 BaddChad AllegraKarl Anderson
Big BartholomewMiroslav BarnyashevRusev
Sea Creatureunknownunknown
Tex FergusonDrew HankinsonLuke Gallows
La Barba GrandeJon HuberLuke Harper
John JohnsonT.J. PerkinsTJP
Christian JoyC.J. PerryLana
Mr. MackelroyMatt ClementTyler Breeze
Surf Dudes with AttitudesRyan Parmeter and Eric ThompsonKonnor and Viktor
Impressive Pelvis WesleyHeath MillerHeath Slater
"Dry Rub" DougColby LopezSeth Rollins
Frantic FrankTerrance Guido GerinRhyno
Nicci Lee StyxxxNicholas NemethDolph Ziggler
VooAustin WatsonXavier Woods
DooEttore EwenBig E
Porkchop JonesNathan EverhartJason Jordan
"Astonishing" Adam DüngMichael MizaninThe Miz
René BeretBryan DanielsonDaniel Bryan
Dan BandanaBryan DanielsonDaniel Bryan
Dewey JacksonMichael SeitzMichael Hayes
Danger ZoneRyan Parmeter and Eric ThompsonKonnor and Viktor
Debbie DesperadoNatalie NeidhartNatalya

Special Appearances

CharacterPortrayed byWWE Ring name
Cameron "Clint" Bobski (backstage interviewer)Christopher IrvineChris Jericho
Lance Catamaran (studio host)John CenaJohn Cena
Chett Chetterfield (studio host)Curtis HusseyFandango
Chip Henderson (referee)John ConeJohn Cone
Malibu Al (sponsor)Allen JonesA.J. Styles
Susan (backstage interviewer)Renee PaquetteRenee Young
janitorAdam PearceAdam Pearce
unnamedAnthony CarelliSantino Marella
boat driverunknownunknown
La Barba grande's presenter (voice only)Carlos CabreraCarlos Cabrera

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