Cody Rhodes Tattoos

Last Modified Nov 25, 2023 01:12 IST
Cody Rhodes Tattoos  [Image Credits: Sportskeeda]
Cody Rhodes Tattoos [Image Credits: Sportskeeda]

Cody Rhodes is one of the popular professional wrestlers in the wrestling industry in recent times. He is the son of the legendary wrestler and a Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes. Although coming from a wrestling family, the journey to be one of the greatest wrestling talents was not so easy. Cody gained fame and popularity as a result of his dedication, hard work and sacrifice he made on and behind the screens. His rise started after his departure from WWE in 2016, he transformed himself as one of the biggest stars by distinguishing himself. Not only his wrestling abilities, but also his tattoos distinguish him from other wrestlers. Here is a detailed view on the tattoos that Cody Rhodes inked into his skin.

Cody Rhodes’ Tattoos

Geometrical Tattoo

Cody Rhodes Geometric Tattoo  [Image Credits: First Sportz]
Cody Rhodes Geometric Tattoo [Image Credits: First Sportz]

Cody Rhodes has been tattoo free for years and has his first tattoo in 2015-16. He has a geometrical tattoo on his left ring finger that resembles the personal significance of him and his family. The tattoo features an inverted triangle embedded within another triangle divided by a horizontal line. The tattoo signifies the unity of a man and woman creating a new life with their child. The two vertical triangles represent Cody Rhodes & his wife Brandi Rhodes, the line separating the two triangles represents her daughter. Overall the tattoo is a physical representation of the love and connection that binds the family together.

Dream Tattoo

Cody Rhodes Dream Tattoo  [Image Credits: SEScoops]
Cody Rhodes Dream Tattoo [Image Credits: SEScoops]

In 2016, Cody had his second tattoo on his right chest, reading “Dream” as a tribute to his father Dusty Rhodes’ “American Dream” gimmick. Cody after his dad's demise in 2015, started carrying his father’s legacy on his shoulder. The Dream tattoo near to his heart is a symbol of love towards his father and a commitment to carry his remarkable legacy. Cody Rhodes is constantly striving to fulfill his dad’s dream of winning the World Championship in WWE. However, to fulfill his dream he stood away from WWE for years to transform himself to the top position. He is now one of the greatest talents and a most deserving person to win the World Championship.

Skull Tattoo

Cody Rhodes Skull Tattoo  [Image Credits: Talk Sport]
Cody Rhodes Skull Tattoo [Image Credits: Talk Sport]

In 2020, Cody Rhodes had his third tattoo on his neck, when working for the All Elite Wrestling. The tattoo features a skull with a crown and wings rendered in the color of the American flag to pay homage to his country. The tattoo perfectly fits his “The American Nightmare” persona and has become a logo of himself. Being the son of “The American Dream” Dusty Rhodes, “The American Nightmare” representation of Cody Rhodes has been justified. This tattoo represents his American heritage and boosts his personal style. The vibrant color instantly gains attention and makes it a unique aesthetic of Rhodes.


Q. How is Dustin Rhodes related to Cody Rhodes?

A. Dustin Rhodes is the half brother of Cody Rhodes by their father’s marital alliance.

Q. When was the last time Cody Rhodes had a championship title in WWE?

A. The last time Cody Rhodes had a championship title in WWE, was on the Royal Rumble PPV in 2014, where he and Gold Dust lost the WWE Tag Team Champions to The Shield.

Q. Who is Cody Rhodes’ married to?

A. Cody Rhodes married his longtime girlfriend Brandi Rhodes in 2013, when both worked for WWE.

Q. How tall is Cody Rhodes?

A. Cody Rhodes stands at a height of 6 foot 2 inches tall, which is 188 cm.

Q. What is the finisher of Cody Rhodes?

A. Cody Rhodes is currently using “Cody Cutter” as his finishing move to finish his opponents.