One Piece chapter 1066: Vegapunk's character design revealed amidst confirmation of his past with Dragon, and more

Fans finally learn the origins of the Revolutionary Army, as well as Dragon
Fans finally learn the origins of the Revolutionary Army, as well as Dragon's history with Vegapunk, in the latest One Piece chapter 1066 scanlations (Image via Toei Animation)

One Piece chapter 1066’s scanlations were released late on Thursday evening, November 10, bringing with them some much-needed clarification on dialog from the full summary. Pending the official release, it would seem that the technology of Egghead Island is indeed from the Ancient Kingdom, as revealed by the true Dr. Vegapunk in this issue.

One Piece chapter 1066’s unofficial release has also, without a shadow of a doubt, confirmed that fan-favorite Jaguar D. Saul is indeed still alive, hiding out in Elbaf. If nothing else, chapter 1066 shows author and illustrator Eiichiro Oda’s willingness to link the final saga to everything that came before it.

Follow along as this article fully breaks down the latest unofficial release of One Piece chapter 1066.

One Piece chapter 1066 sees Robin’s character develop even further with talk of Oharan genocide

One Piece chapter 1066: Just a theory

#ONEPIECE1066We know this part of history but it’s important for the crew to understand what they are facing soon.

One Piece chapter 1066 begins with the Straw Hats questioning Vegapunk Shaka’s claims from the previous issue concerning Egghead Island’s technology. Everybody is in disbelief that the futuristic island could actually be based on technology from the distant past.

Shaka clarifies that this is just conjecture, before discussing a passionate archeologist he once knew that risked his life to shed light on “a certain Ancient Kingdom.”

He continues, saying that “a certain site” of an archeological dig saw machinery excavated which dated back to the same era as the Ancient Kingdom. Robin asks him to confirm that he’s saying machinery was created during the Void Century, but Shaka turns the question on her.

He explains to those confused, his opinion that the Oharan genocide may have been caused by Ohara uncovering details of the Kingdom’s existence.

Shaka shares his theory that the Void Century was essentially a 100-year war, one fought between 20 nations which would form the World Government and the Ancient Kingdom. He ends by theorizing that the Ancient Kingdom was erased from history to ensure its ideas wouldn’t live on, shocking all present, especially Sanji, who correctly surmises that all who know of this are eventually eliminated.

The Straw Hats complain and try to forget what they just heard, but Shaka clarifies it’s just a theory. He then asks Robin that if he’s right, then the World Government’s actions that day would be “tantamount to a confirmation.”

She asks why he’s asking about this, sharing that the scholars there did devise a theory after extensive research, before questioning how someone as high-up as him doesn’t already know.

Shaka claims that Government affiliation makes no difference, and he’s left in the dark to the point where bringing it up would mean death. Usopp briefly interjects to complain, as Robin questions how he knows this since the books and literature on Ohara were destroyed. However, Shaka claims that “the will of Ohara lives on,” sharing that he visited Ohara a few months after the Buster Call.

He went to pay tribute to Professor Clover, saying he wanted to leave flowers for him. Robin asks how he knew Clover, prompting Shaka to explain that his obsession with the Void Century fueled an adventurous lifestyle at one point. He claims Clover searched the world over for texts, being imprisoned at least ten times and becoming the world’s most famous archeologist in the process.

#ONEPIECE1066Last thing I would’ve thought of is Clover being a pirate but it makes sense that’s the easiest way to discover the world.

Shaka says that Ohara eventually became a haven for scholars, archeology, and knowledge, but it was this coming together of talented minds which led to Ohara’s destruction. Shaka shares that he, as the true Dr. Vegapunk, was speechless upon seeing the Tree of Knowledge burned to cinders. However, he shares that the lake at the island’s center was filled with books and resources.

He shares his assumption that it was the work of the scholars, who in their final moments chose to prioritize sharing their knowledge with the future. Shaka continues to theorize that any footsoldier Marines who saw them didn’t realize what they were, resulting on Ohara’s triumph and causing Vegapunk to cry ceaselessly.

One Piece chapter 1066 sees Robin beginning to remember her mother, Nico Olvia, who didn’t go with her because she still had something to do. An abridged version of her flashback continues playing, this time emphasizing the scholar’s saving the books and reference materials and Olvia’s sacrificing herself at the time for Robin’s future.


One Piece chapter 1066 ends Robin’s flashback shortly thereafter, as she is seen crying contemporarily. While Sanji and company begin getting angry, Robin confirms Shaka’s suspicions, asking where the books from the lake are currently. He shares that he wanted to take them back to Punk Hazard, but recognized it was too risky, beginning their tale as One Piece chapter 1066 enters another flashback.

One Piece chapter 1066: Vegapunk introduced and his rebellious side teased

#ONEPIECE1066Dragon didn’t make the revolutionary army yet but had a smaller group called the freedom fighter.Also the tattoo symbol is on his legs which means he know the story behind it but didn’t go for it yet.

One Piece chapter 1066 then sees a young Dr. Vegapunk arriving at Ohara several months after the Buster Call, where he sees Giants pulling the books out of the lake. Vegapunk questions if they know their worth and what he should do, when none other than Monkey D. Dragon approaches, telling Vegapunk it’s been a while.

The two ask each other what they’re doing here, with each sharing that they knew Professor Clover at one point. Dr. Vegapunk monologs about how Clover trying to destroy the world is blatant propaganda, while Dragon says he spoke with the Giants and Vegapunk shouldn’t be worried.

They’re apparently from Elbaf, and are aware of the books’ value, and are led by “a strange Giant wrapped from head to toe in bandages.”

The bandaged Giant says that Ohara sacrificed itself for the treasures that are their books, and couldn’t let them be erased from history. Dragon expresses concern after seeing a “Government lackey” like Vegapunk around, followed by the joy that the Giants are retrieving the books.

It’s then revealed that Dragon once asked Vegapunk to join his “Freedom Fighters” group, before teasing his friend for becoming a World Government lapdog.

#ONEPIECE1066 Akainu actually runs the one piece verse-Him killing the O’Hara citizens led to the rev army creations-Him killing ace led to Luffy and the strawhats training for 2 years-Him killing ace made Sabo gain his memory back to become the “flame emperor” REAL villain

Vegapunk responds that his mind would be wasted on Dragon’s “rag-tag operation” since it lacks funding and resources. Dragon agrees, calling his apparently old friend as blunt as ever. Vegapunk also elaborates on his choices here, essentially saying that the World Government is a large organization with plenty of “decent people” who can be reasoned with, especially in the Navy.

He ends by telling Dragon to not “lose sight of the end goal,” who responds by saying that this latest action by the World Government is too much. He calls the Oharans being wiped out for questioning authorities a farce, saying he’ll raise an army that will fight them head on. Vegapunk questions this, saying he thought Dragon hated war, as One Piece chapter 1066 ends the flashback with Dragon promising to change the world.

Meanwhile, in the present, Shaka explains that within a year after that, Dragon, Emporio Ivankov, and Bartholomew Kuma founded the Revolutionary Army. Each of the Straw Hats comments on one aspect of the story that relates to them, as Shaak continues to say that his curiosity led him to visit Elbaf, where the books were safely kept.

Oda: "I hate reviving characters"Also Oda: "Every character that has died is not actually dead."#OnePiece1066

He was allowed to reach every one of them, taking everything Ohara uncovered about the world and memorizing it. A bandaged Jaguar D. Saul, with a silhouetted face, can be seen here talking to Vegapunk in what appears to be a library of Oharan books. Shaka claims that everything from Ohara is in his head, and he has since continued their research for them.

Robin asks if the Giant captain is called Saul, with Vegapunk responding that he’s in hiding now and can’t confirm anything. However, Robin takes this as a confirmation, thanking Shaka (calling him Dr. Vegapunk here) for not letting Ohara’s sacrifice be in vain. He simply responds that progressing to every field of thought possible is in his nature as a scholar.

Suddenly, One Piece chapter 1066 sees the Straw Hats’ shoes begin moving on their own. Shaka explains he can’t release them just yet, asking them to follow him as there’s something he wants to show them. Chapter 1066 then shifts perspective here back to Luffy’s group, which is still by the giant robot they found in previous issues.

#ONEPIECE1066I didn’t put him in my top 10 for no reason!!

Chopper and Luffy can’t find a way to get in the robot, surmising that it’s “the type that moves on its own.” They begin calling it names and special commands, calling it "Robonosuke" and "Roboking," as Bonney tells them there’s no way it moves. However, a loud sound is heard coming from the robot shortly after, with Luffy thinking the robot will explode.

Suddenly, someone is heard asking to be saved, saying that “space-time bent mid warp” and got them stuck. Luffy goes to help the mysterious stranger, as Bonney seemingly recognizes him. Simultaneously, the stranger recognizes Luffy as Dragon’s son, saying he knew he’d come here one day and congratulating him on making it here.

He then turns his attention to Bonney, saying she’s gotten big since he last saw her. Chopper and Luffy then ask the man how he’s floating, who in turn shows them the function on their shoes which will allow them to float too. However, the trio ends up flying too high, needing to be saved once more as One Piece chapter 1066 officially introduces the real Dr. Vegapunk.

One Piece chapter 1066: Final thoughts

#OnePiece1066 #ONEPIECE1066SPOILERS Spent like 14 hours on this. Hope you like it!

One Piece chapter 1066 is an incredibly momentous chapter, both expanding on the Oharan genocide and Robin’s backstory while simultaneously lore-dumping. While some readers may critique the issue for being somewhat boring and lacking in action, others will applaud the issue for how much it’s able to achieve in just 17 short pages.

One Piece chapter 1066 is also momentous for finally introducing Dr. Vegapunk, seemingly putting the last puzzle piece in place for the Egghead Island arc to truly begin. With CP0 on the way to eliminate the Doctor and his satellite personalities, it seems that the Straw Hats will be his protectors, potentially persuading him to betray the World Government in the process.

Finally, fans seem set to get some closure on the Bonney/Kuma storyline with her finally finding Dr. Vegapunk and being able to confront him. While not necessarily the most pressing matter at hand currently, it is still a plotpoint which Oda will eventually have to wrap up beyond One Piece chapter 1066.

Follow along for more One Piece anime, manga, film, and live-action news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary comes to an end.

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