One Piece Episode 1015: Roger and Luffy parallels, Roof Piece begins, and more

The Worst Generation takes center stage in the highly-anticipated One Piece episode 1015 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)
The Worst Generation takes center stage in the highly-anticipated One Piece episode 1015 (Image Credits: Eiichiro Oda/Shueisha, Viz Media, One Piece)

The incredibly highly-anticipated One Piece episode 1015 debuted over the weekend, and it received universal praise from fans and critics alike.

Scenes adapted from the source material were done so beautifully. Every frame of the episode was crafted with care, attention to detail, and utmost respect for the source material.

One Piece episode 1015’s quality would even put anime movies with box office budgets to shame, cementing itself as one of the greatest episodes of the series yet.

Follow along as this article breaks down One Piece episode 1015 in its entirety.

One Piece Episode 1015 shatters the series’ fanbase, animanga community as a whole with its stellar quality

One Piece Episode 1015: The previous generation's prediction

One Piece episode 1015 begins with the final portion of Yamato’s flashback to her time with Ace. In true-to-form fashion, he falls asleep mid-sentence while chatting with the daughter of his enemy, bottle of wine in hand and all.

Yamato is worried that he’s dead, shouting his name but trailing off as he wakes back up. He plainly says he fell asleep, apologizing in the same monotone after being berated by her.

Yamato offers to call it a night, but Ace plainly refuses, calling it a waste to sleep on their last night together. She is clearly pleased with this, telling him not to fall asleep again as he lights a new fire.

The two tease each other here. Ace teases Yamato for always talking about becoming Oden, and she teases him for talking about his brother. She holds up Oden’s travel log, telling him it’s their future as One Piece episode 1015 fades back into the present.

Momonosuke asks if the book she has is really his father’s travel log while Shinobu looks on quietly.

Yamato reveals that it contains all the details of his life and experiences with the world. She reveals she picked it up in the river beneath Oden castle, as his former home burned. She says there's a lot about Momonosuke in the journal, confirming that he was born on Whitebeard’s ship and migrated onto Roger’s.

He says he doesn’t remember much while crying, as Shinobu looks at him sadly. Yamato, meanwhile, continues and reveals that Whitebeard, Oden, and Roger all said that strong young ones would surge into the new world twenty years later.

She looks longingly at the statue Ace once attacked, saying she was sure he would lead the surge but reveals she remembers something from the day he died.

The flashback to their final meeting begins as Ace begins apologizing for something slipping out. His apologies turn to demands, as he says not to laugh or he and Sabo won’t forgive her if she does.

One Piece episode 1015 bounces between past and present here, as Yamato laments her being restricted to Onigashima. However, she specifies that she saw something clearly at that moment, as Ace reveals that he let Luffy’s dream of being the King of the Pirates slip loose.

One Piece Episode 1015: A beautiful parallel between past and future Pirate Kings

One Piece episode 1015 then has the camera surging into Yamato’s pupil, symbolic of the perspective entering her mind's eye at that moment. In a beautiful, minimalistic animation style, fans see Sabo overlooking the sea, saying the words he once said to Ace and Luffy as a child.

The camera spins around, revealing Yamato with a shocked look on her face. Next to her is a young Ace, sharing his dreams of becoming the strongest and most notorious pirate in the world. Yamato smiles, staring at the two young children as a familiar voice is heard.

A gust of wind comes from behind her as the camera yet again spins to reveal Gol D. Roger behind her while the pages of Oden’s logbook turn. He speaks of how the World Government is warning him not to go to the last island, yet how this makes it more tempting.

He proclaims that, in name and in deed, their arrival there would solidify the Roger Pirates as the world’s greatest pirate crew. Whitebeard, Oden, and Yamato look on in awe as Roger makes this statement, while a certain protagonist is heard and shortly thereafter seen.

A young Luffy comes running up to Roger, as Yamato seems to have a completely revelatory experience. The two begin saying that they’ll be King of the Pirates, as clarity strikes Yamato. This is symbolized by the scene’s dichotomous colors mixing and a flock of birds dispersing behind her.

As she looks on in shock, Ace and Sabo tease a young Luffy, while Whitebeard and Oden ridicule Roger for saying such a childish thing.

Luffy simply laughs while Roger silently smiles as the camera exits Yamato’s mind’s eye and returns to her flashback with Ace.

Ace admits that he and Sabo laughed when Luffy first said it but emphasizes they won’t let anyone else laugh because they believe in him.

Yamato interrupts him, saying she won’t laugh while internally noting that the King of the Pirates said the same thing. Ironically, she only calls him a great man in front of Ace but emphasizes that he said the same thing.

The two then talk about this great man. This eventually ends with Ace lamenting his death and his inability to drink with him and Luffy one day.

Yamato begins bouncing her index fingers together, asking instead if she can drink with the two brothers one day instead. He agrees but says the sea is vast, so it’s not guaranteed they’ll see each other again.

Yamato then asks for a fingernail or hairclipping of his, as the camera pans out to show Onigashima as a whole with the sunrise on the horizon.

One Piece episode 1015 then shows Ace leaving and Yamato handing him a Vivre Card, which she claims to have made. She shows him how it works, saying that they’ll always be able to find each other with it.

One Piece Episode 1015: The last meeting

As Ace sails away, he calls out to Yamato, telling her not to lose the Vivre Card. She races to the cliffs of the island to see him off in a beautifully animated scene that sees him whip around to say goodbye to his friend. She cheerfully sends him off, saying they’ll definitely see each other again.

However, One Piece episode 1015 sadly cuts to the day Ace died, showing his Vivre Card burning up in her hands.

As she runs through the castle, the perspective changes to Kaido, who laments that his son is acting up again, saying it’s fine because he has free time thanks to Shanks’ interruption.

She reaches the cliff where they said their last goodbye, as Kaido says it doesn’t matter what his “son” clings on to. A shot of Ace’s death is seen as Yamato falls to her knees, while Kaido says she’ll never be able to leave this island. She laments this truth, bashing the butt of her kanabo at her cuffs.

Her hands begin bleeding as she reaches out for Ace, lamenting her lack of freedom.

A flashback to his words plays while she restates her desire to be free like Oden. His travel log then falls out of her pocket as she remembers the promise of strong, young ones surging into the New World.

Kaido and his men appear behind her while she stands up and affirms her decision to wait for the New Era. With a newfound resolve and a smile on her face, she rushes at her father, who says he’ll keep knocking her fate into her if she won’t listen. The two then clash, as her flashback ends, and she stares at her father’s statue.

Yamato details her learning of the truth from the newspaper days later. This includes everything, from Ace’s death to his status as son of the former Pirate King.

Yamato also reveals that his brother really was making a name for himself, reaffirming that it ended up being Luffy, who Momonosuke brought to Wano. She gifts him Oden’s travel log while repeating what he wrote about the future.

One Piece episode 1015 quickly bounces to each member of the Worst Generation present at the raid. The shot begins with Law and cuts to Kid and Killer, then Zoro, and finally, series protagonist Monkey D. Luffy.

As this scene plays out, she reveals what Oden said:

“More than 20 years into the future, young, strong pirates who will lead the next era will come surging into the New World. If I die… they’re the ones who’ll bring Kaido down.”

One Piece Episode 1015: Roof Piece begins

One Piece episode 1015 plays its eyecatchers after this quote is finished and returns to Killer and Kid walking along the Skull Dome Rooftop. Kaido says that they can’t even dream of being able to contend for the One Piece, asking them if they’d like to continue playing pirates.

Big Mom butts in, saying he’s not good at educating people, which prompts Killer and Kid to begin laughing. The latter says he understands how his crewmate feels, saying he’s “gathered all these things,” revealing a mountain of metallic weapons as the former revs his spinning blades.

The two attempt to begin their attack but are interrupted by the arrival of Zoro and Law. The former is screaming as he’s launched through the air from Marco’s toss but is caught by the latter with his Devil Fruit powers. He wonders aloud where the “loosest one” is, as Luffy is seen climbing upstairs to the rooftop.

Big Mom and Kaido comment on how weak they are, saying they’ll scatter like dust in the wind. The latter says that they’re not strong enough to reopen the scar Oden gave him, asking them to gracefully withdraw like the Akazaya Nine did.

As he says this, Luffy blasts through the door to the Skull Dome Rooftop with a punch, as One Piece episode 1015 changes scenes to show Momonosuke accepting his father’s logbook.

Oden begins repeating the quote Yamato said earlier, as Luffy walks through the Rooftop to where the Yonko and his Worst Generation cohorts are.

A beautiful scene plays out of Oden’s fiery death, as Luffy walks through and stands across from the Yonko defiantly. He, Law, and Kid make a quick comment to one another, as the former most begins walking towards the Yonko for some reason. Zoro readies his sword, assuming combat is imminent but seems to notice what Luffy did.

The two Yonko then reminisce about his insolence towards them, in both words and actions. However, he simply walks by, paying them no mind as a grave look comes across his face.

One Piece episode 1015 shows a quick flashback of Luffy remembering Kin’emon thanking him for his help, which is juxtaposed with his and the Akazya’s current beaten-down state.

He picks up the leader of the Scabbards, asking him if he’s okay. The Kozuki Clan retainer, however, begins crying, saying he’s too ashamed to face Oden in the afterlife. He bleeds out profusely, asking Luffy to carry the land of Wano on his back. In true Luffy fashion, he says of course he will because it’s the country of his friends.

Kaido appears behind the two, raising his kanabo as Luffy tells Law to move the Scabbards downstairs. Kaido swings downward, but the prolific pirate dodges, with a Gear Third move already prepared.

A stunning scene plays out, which shows him activating his Ryou, energy swirling throughout his body, as Hyogoro’s explanation of the ability is heard.

One Piece Episode 1015: Gum-Gum Red Roc and final thoughts

One Piece episode 1015 then rapidly plays scenes that serve as highlights for the Kozuki clan's struggles up to this point.

These include Oden Castle burning, the Akazaya standing in front of their graves, the Road Poneglyph and Raizo at Zou, the Mokomo Dukedom attack, and the sacrifices of Pedro and Yasuie.

The final scenes show Luffy’s liberation of the Udon prison, as well as Kin’emon’s leading the charge for the raid. Scenes of the raid itself then play out, as Luffy’s various proclamations surrounding Wano’s liberation are heard. These are capped with Momonosuke’s request to take down Kaido, as Luffy launches his attack.

In a stunningly animated sequence, Luffy launches his Gum-Gum Red Roc, essentially a Gear Third version of his Red Hawk. The massive attack seems to actually damage Kaido, as evident by Big Mom’s shock at the turn of events.

The Worst Generation looks on proudly, as a brief scene of Kin’emon crying is shown. Luffy then lands in front of the two Yonko, introducing himself as Monkey D. Luffy, the man who will surpass them and become King of the Pirates.

One Piece episode 1015 then ends, announcing a recap episode for next week.

The episode is undoubtedly one of the highest peaks of the anime series thus far. Everything, from animation and voice acting to added scenes and OST music pairings, was beautifully done.

One Piece episode 1015 is momentous in many ways, but its overall quality is undoubtedly the single biggest highlight.

The anime adaptation team has made shrewd, applaudable choices with anime-only scenes throughout the Wano arc, and One Piece episode 1015 is no exception.

The additional scenes serve to improve and build upon the story told in chapter 1000, rather than detract from it and confuse manga readers and anime watchers alike.

As celebratory an occasion as the series' 1000th episode was, One Piece episode 1015 undoubtedly claims the top spot thus far. Many more exciting developments in the Wano arc are still to come, which may change this. For now, however, for now, the latest installment is undoubtedly the greatest.

Be sure to keep up with all One Piece anime, manga, film, live-action, and video game news as the year of the series’ 25th anniversary progresses.

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