Is Tonfa melee weapon good after nerf in Warzone?

The Tonfa melee weapon in Warzone
Potential of the Tonfa melee weapon in Warzone after the recent nerf (Image via Activision)

The Tonfa melee weapon in Warzone recently received the nerf hammer. Prior to the May 15 update yesterday, it was a force to be reckoned with and took down enemies at close ranges almost immediately. It didn't matter if the enemy had the full pair of armor plates on, this melee weapon would take them down without even breaking a sweat.

Things had gone to a point where players started using Tonfa builds on the smaller maps such as Rebirth Island instead of guns. However, the community was not in favor of this playstyle. Needless to say, Call of Duty didn't take too long to nerf this weapon.

That said, one of the remaining questions is whether the nerf was good enough or if the Tonfa is still overpowered. Hence, in this article, I will share my two cents on where this weapon stands now, especially after the May 15 nerf.

How does the Tonfa melee weapon perform in Warzone after the nerf?

Before we discuss how the Tonfa melee weapon performs in Warzone after the nerf, we must discuss what was exactly nerfed. According to the May 15 update patch notes, it received the following change:

  • It will now take 4 melee hits, up from 3, to eliminate an enemy with full health and 3 armor plates.

As stated, the melee weapon would've earlier been able to knock out someone with just three hits. Please note that this number is based on players who have all three armor plates equipped and are at maximum health. If someone was low on health or didn't have all three armor plates, it would have taken even fewer hits to take them down.

However, after the update, this number has been bumped up to four. This gives the player on the receiving end a few additional seconds to fight back. So how did this nerf affect the Tonfa?

Simply put, it didn't do much. Despite the tweak, the lunge range is still a lot. This allows the user to hit enemies that aren't exactly close to them. Sure, it now takes four hits, but that is only a few additional seconds, and combined with the extremely long lunge range present, the Tonfa can still wreak havoc in Warzone, especially in close-quarter combat.

Players can easily combine it with Stun Grenades or other Tactical Equipment to bamboozle their enemies and run circles around them with the Tonfa. With this strategy, their opponents will be eliminated before they even know what hit them.

While the recent nerf is still appreciated, reducing the Tonfa's lunge range would make the weapon more balanced, not allowing it to overpower firearms at closer ranges in Warzone.

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