Super Over in T20 World Cup

Last Modified Oct 15, 2021 19:05 IST

List of all ICC T20 World Cup Super Overs

DateTeamsVenueMatch ScoreSuper Over Winner
27/09/2012New Zealand vs Sri LankaPallekele Stadium, Pallekele174Sri Lanka
1/10/2012New Zealand vs West IndiesPallekele Stadium, Pallekele139West Indies

T20 World Cup Super Over: 27th September 2012


T20 World Cup Super Over: 1st October 2012


A Super Over was introduced in the ICC T20 World Cup from the 2009 edition. There have been 2 ICC T20 World Cup Super Overs in the first six editions of the tournament.

What is a Super Over?

A Super Over is organized to decide a T20 World Cup winner if a match ends in a tie. Both teams involved play six balls each. The team that bowled second in the ICC T20 World Cup match bowls first in the Super Over contest and vice-versa. The team that scores more runs at the end of their respective six deliveries wins the game.

ICC T20 World Cup 2021 Super Over Rules

  1. The side bowling second in the match will bowl first in the Super Over
  2. The same pitch where the match happened will host the Super Over
  3. There will be no changes in the positions of the umpires. They will remain where they were in the last over.
  4. The side to bowl from can be picked by the bowling team
  5. No powerplay rules are applicable. The last over’s fielding restrictions apply.
  6. In ICC T20 World Cup Super Over, a batting team can lose at the most 2 wickets. Hence, only 3 batters can be a part of the Super Over. If a bowler takes 2 wickets before bowling six deliveries, the Super Over ends then and there itself.
  7. There will be an unlimited number of Super Overs if both T20 World Cup teams continue scoring equal number of runs in Super Over.


1] What happens if a Super Over is tied?

If a Super Over in ICC T20 World Cup is tied, it will be followed by another Super Over till fans get a clear winner.

2] Are Super Over runs counted?

No, the runs and wickets scored and taken in the Super Over are not counted in the official statistics and records of the players.

3] What if the number of boundaries is the same?

ICC has removed the boundary count rule for Super Over.

4] What happens after 2 super overs are tied in the same match?

There needs to be a different lineup for the Super Overs. Hence, teams need to pick different players for different Super Overs as batters and bowlers.

ICC T20 World Cup Super Over Trivia

  1. New Zealand have been involved in most ties (2) in the ICC T20 World Cup.
  2. Sri Lanka and West Indies have won the most number of ICC T20 World Cup Super Overs (1).
  3. The highest total in a tied match is 174 (SL vs NZ) and the lowest score is 139 (NZ vs WI).