Virat Kohli Hairstyles

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Virat Kohli hairstyles

Having Gelled hair, aggressive attitude, and great potential with the bat, a 19-year-old boy named Virat Kohli from Delhi was all set to change the course of Indian cricket. Neither Kohli nor anyone else had the idea that he would one day rule in every cricket fan's heart. But one thing that caught everyone's eye right from the start was Kohli's fashion sense and the knack of staying in trend.

Just like his game, even Kohli's style quotient has kept on setting new benchmarks with his cool hairstyles. Here, we look at the hairstyles 'King Trendy Kohli' has carried effortlessly.

Virat Kohli hairstyle name

Short spikes in 2008:

Virat has been following the trend right from his first appearance when the world witnessed Kohli's magic as a 19 year-old-teenager.

At that he used to keep short spikes with equal hair length on the sides, keeping them uncombed. The spikes were in fashion since the beginning of 2000's.

2008-HT.jpg (800×600)

Kohli now entered the international scene and represented India in the limited overs format where he soon made his mark scoring vital runs for the team.

For a more clean and matured look,he carried the short spikes with flattened and combed sides.

kohli2010-1494420918-800.jpg (594×394)

Short spikes brushed backwards in 2010:

Kohli's love for spikes continued in 2010 but with a slight change. He styled his spikes by pushing them backwards, keeping the sides in equal length as before.

Virat-Kohli.jpg (310×277)

Mohawk in 2011:

After sporting the spike look for a long time, Kohli finally gave a shot at experimenting with his hair. The change came in the form of the mohawk which gave him a fresh look and quite suited his face.

virat300.jpg (300×460)

Natural texture with a stubble in 2012:

2012 brought Kohli into limelight as he made wonders with the bat. First scoring his maiden Test ton against the Aussies, then a magnificent Asia Cup where he struck his career best ODI score of 183 against Pakistan.

He once again changed his style appeal with turning to his normal textured hair having a trimmed beard.

Short fade with lines on the side in 2013:

In 2013, Kohli really got into the groove with media and popularity all around him. He started featuring in ads and showing up to events with a strong fashion game.

Here is the point where he gave his haircut a completely different approach with a slight fade. Adding to the charm, he flaunted the hairstyle with two side cuts with one cut ending on his eyebrow.

This style became quite popular amongst the youngsters with people trying to match King Kohli's hairdo.

pinterest-2013.jpg (640×912)

High fade style with trimmed boxed beard in 2014:

This look of Kohli's was the beginning of him leaning towards carrying a grown beard. With trimmed sides of the beard, he kept a thicker beard on the upper lip and chin.

While he flaunted his hair which was shortened from the sides just above his ears, having thicker hair on the top.

2Q== (299×168)

High fade Mohawk in 2015:

Kohli returned to his Mohawk look but with a twist. He styled it with almost a zero cut on the sides,called the High fade Mohawk, inspired from one of his favourites, Cristiano Ronaldo.

1319162_Wallpaper2.jpg (640×480)

Messy undercut with a full beard in 2016:

2016 was the year of Kohli with a record breaking 4 centuries in an IPL season finishing the tournament with 973 runs. He even scored a lot of runs in the international matches with a Test average of close to 76 that year.

This was the year where he brought the full thick beard into trend which became a sensation amongst all age groups of men. He carried a well shaped beard chiseled at the jaw which gave him a great jawline.

Talking of his hairstyle, he kept a messy undercut which went so well with the full beard. It is one of the favourite Kohli looks among the fans.

virat-kohli-awarded-man-of-the-tournament-in-world-t20.jpg (640×480)

Classic undercut with a full beard in 2017:

This year saw Kohli take up the position of Captain of the Indian team and he performed impressively throughout the year.

He continued with the undercut but with a more flattened look, trimming the hair a little bit on the sides with a thick beard.

584989-virat-kohli-yuvraj-singh-indvban-semi-champions-trophy-2017-pti.jpg (1280×720)

Mid fade spikes and a full beard in 2018:

2018 saw the comeback of Kohli's spiked hair look with a significant change in the form of a mid fade. He carried this look like a pro with his full beard.

odi31122018-x433.jpeg (770×433)

Classic undercut with a full beard in 2019:

Kohli brought back his undercut just a year later. With thick hair on the top, he kept the sides short complementing his aggressive style of play.

FotoJet-38.jpg (720×540)

The Pompadour in 2020:

He brought in quite a stylish change to his haircut by going for the Pompadour look. He even experimented with his beard as he gave it a slight fade going towards the cheeks from the sides.

2858a65388e295702a8d8d05541f515d (1279×720)

Messy long hair during the lockdown:

This look came as a big surprise and also a new look for the fans. Kohli let his hair grow during the lockdown which brought in a curly haired look of his. He even grew his beard from the chin and the sides, giving him a much more matured look.

Kohli-beard-look.jpg (600×450)

Short undercut in 2021:

Virat's love for the undercut returned back when he donned the short undercut look during the IPL 2021. He continued the side faded beard look to go with the undercut.

2Q== (300×168)

Short Pompadour with faded sides in 2022:

Just before the Asia Cup, Kohli gave himself a fresh look by getting a short Pompadour. He kept a slightly faded look for the sides with his beard.

image-1648549119.jpg (730×410)

Virat Kohli's hair stylist

Rashid Salmani is Virat Kohli's hair stylist who gave him his recent hairstyle in 2022 and posted King Kohli's new look on his Instagram.

18kohli1.jpg (670×549)

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