5 best games like GTA 5 but with better graphics

(Image Credits: rgr29, Twitter)
(Image Credits: rgr29, Twitter)
Rahul Bhushan

For a game that is nearly a decade old, GTA 5 has not only held up well in the modern gaming industry but it has also managed to compete against some of the best games of today in terms of graphics and technical brilliance.

GTA 5 is nothing short of a technical powerhouse, with Rockstar Games going all out and showcasing their trademark attention to detail with every aspect of the game. From realistic weather effects to character models, no detail is half-baked in the game, and players would be hard-pressed to find better-looking games.

Meanwhile, the choice of graphics largely comes down to personal preference as there are a lot of other factors that come into play when it comes to the visuals of a game.

With that in mind, here are five games that are similar to GTA 5 but with somewhat better graphics.

5 games that are similar to GTA 5 but with better graphics

1) Just Cause 4


The Just Cause franchise has carved out a niche for itself in the gaming industry as the devs, Avalanche, quickly learnt what many open-world games failed to do. Just Cause was never meant to rival GTA as it is nearly impossible to eclipse the franchise at this point.

Therefore, instead of mimicking GTA, Just Cause excels at borrowing the key basics of the open-world genre and building upon it in a far more creative way. The game is what one gets when you mix an open-world game with the sensibilities of a Michael Bay movie.

The game not only encourages users to play in a chaotic way but rewards them for it. The destructible environment, the freedom of traversal and the vastness of the open world contribute to the maelstrom of madness that is Just Cause 4.

While other games in the franchise are also extremely well-made games, Just Cause 4 puts itself in a better position on this list by simply being the best-looking game in the series.

2) Mafia 3


Mafia 3 was a big step-up for the Mafia franchise in terms of scale, size and ambition. At this point, the games in the series had largely been linear affairs with an open-world element for immersion.

Mafia did not want to distract players from its story with the presence of a sprawling open world. Instead, it used the open world to help players immerse themselves in the city that the characters lived in and not have Empire Bay exist only in parts.

Mafia 3, however, was a more traditional open-world game with New Bordeaux being available for free roam. The game is probably the closest thing to a Punisher game that fans could ask for, with players taking control of a Vietnam veteran and starting on a warpath against the mob.

The world that Mafia 3 creates is extremely authentic, and players would be hard-pressed to find cinematics and cutscenes done better in any other game. With some great cameos from the likes of Joey Diaz and Nolan North thrown in for good measure, Mafia 3 is one of the most cinematic games in the open world genre.

3) Watch Dogs 2


Watch Dogs is perhaps the most high-profile comeback story in modern video gaming after the first game in the series didn't exactly get off to a great start. Mired with issues such as a massive graphical downgrade, Watch Dogs was a game that had bold ideas but wasn't able to win over fans like it was expected to.

As a result, the sequel wasn't able to drum up a lot of anticipation from audiences and was released to lukewarm reception from fans. Critics, on the other hand, were quick to praise Watch Dogs 2 for its extremely well-made open world and the creative choices that paid off quite well.

Soon after, fans began to take notice of Watch Dogs 2, and it has now come to be one of the most beloved games from Ubisoft. Watch Dogs 2 excels at righting the wrongs from the previous game and has helped the franchise gain a lot of favour with fans.

Watch Dogs 2 is perhaps one of the best titles from Ubisoft in years and will always be a favourite within the community.

4) Yakuza 0


Fans of the Yakuza franchise couldn't contain their excitement when Sega announced that the next game would be a prequel to the original game. Even Western audiences had fallen head over heels for the Yakuza franchise after massively successful games like Yakuza Kiwami.

The series excels at creating a perfect tone for these games, with the right amount of drama and humour blended to perfection. The Yakuza franchise dwarfs any other game in its genre in terms of gameplay as it boasts of perhaps the best combat system seen in modern gaming.

While the gameplay is obviously the clear winner, its story is no slouch either. With Yakuza 0 exploring the origins of fan-favourite Goro Majima, the game was received extremely well across the board.

Yakuza 0 is considered as the game that awakened Western audiences and fans worldwide to the greatness of the Yakuza franchise.

5) Red Dead Redemption II


If the GTA franchise is the loudmouthed college "bro" with a fraternity tattoo on their bicep, Red Dead Redemption is the quiet and introspective man at the bar.

Rockstar Games hit a jackpot with Red Dead Redemption as it quickly became one of the most beloved titles from Rockstar Games in years. The open-world western was quickly hailed as one of the best in the genre and has remained beloved since.

Red Dead Redemption II, however, not only lived up to expectations but also managed to surpass it by leaps and bounds. The game created more memorable characters and took the franchise to new heights in terms of cinematic brilliance.

When it comes to technical performance, few games can ever come close to matching Red Dead Redemption II's visuals. The game is extremely heartfelt and hits the right emotional notes at multiple points in the story.

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