How tall is KSI?

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KSI stands tall, with a height of 183 cm, which is approximately 1.83 m or 6 feet.

Olajide Olayinka Williams Olatunji or JJ, more commonly known as KSI, is a well-known British performer, YouTuber, social media star, musician, and boxer.

Who is KSI?

Olajide Olayinka Williams “JJ” Olatunji, also known as KSI, is a YouTuber and rapper who began his content career in 2008. The 29-year-old has been creating music over the last few years. KSI began by providing gaming comments for the FIFA video game but soon switched to vlogs. He helped create The Sidemen in 2013, a community that shares challenges, drawings, and video-game comments.

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The 29-year-old has been making music over the last few years and has produced albums such as “Dissimulation” and “All Over the Place.” "Not Over Yet” was just released for his upcoming boxing bout. Teaming up with former rival Logan Paul, KSI helped found Prime hydration company. In July 2022, the company became the official hydration partner of Arsenal F.C.

How tall is KSI?

KSI stands tall, with a height of 183 cm, which is approximately 1.83 m or 6 feet.

Is KSI a boxer?

Yes, KSI has been boxing since 2017. Following a period of public dispute, KSI initially engaged in a high-profile match against British YouTuber Joe Weller in 2018. KSI emerged victorious in this battle, demonstrating his respect for Weller and his unwavering commitment to promoting mental health. The following year, he squared off with Logan Paul in a professional boxing match, which ended in a draw for both men.

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Transitioning into professional boxing, KSI engaged in a highly anticipated rematch with Logan Paul in 2019. This time, the fight was conducted without headgear, and KSI emerged victorious via split decision. Later, KSI competed in many professional fights, including ones against Alex Wassabi, Swarmz, Luis Alcaraz Pineda, and FaZe Temperrr.

He continued his professional boxing career by fighting businessman and professional boxer Joe Fournier, but this match ended in controversy and was later ruled a no contest. Most recently, KSI headlined a match against professional boxer Tommy Fury on October 14, 2023. The closely contested fight featured excessive clinching, which resulted in KSI's loss and the title via unanimous decision. The decision was initially reported as a majority decision due to an error in judge Rafael Ramos' scorecard.


On December 5, 2023, it was announced that KSI and IShowSpeed would fight in a charity sparring match, ending a year-long banter rivalry. Speed made a challenge to KSI on November 28, 2023, urging him to set up a date for the fight. The scheduled spar is scheduled for December 15th, 2023, with the proceeds benefiting the Anthony Walker Foundation. It's planned to be streamed simultaneously with the Jake Paul vs. Andre August fight, as an attempt to boycott the rival's fight.

What does KSI stand for?

KSI stands for Knowledge, Strength, and Integrity. He has the word “Knowledge” tattooed across his chest and has “Strength” and “Integrity” tattooed on each of his arms. The acronym is part of his overall alias, "KSIOlajideBT", which includes a combination of his name and BT, which stands for British Telecom.

Why is KSI popular?


KSI began as a gaming YouTuber in 2009, posting recordings of himself playing the FIFA football game. He kept making gaming videos, but he expanded into vlog-style uploads. His channel developed swiftly, reaching three million subscribers by the end of 2013-14. With 20.5 million subscribers, he is the 115th most popular YouTube channel.

His reputation expanded when he and other British artists established the Ultimate Sidemen (eventually shortened to Sidemen). He continued to make videos as before, but in groups to assist each producer in expanding their internet visibility. KSI declared his departure from the group in 2017 but subsequently revealed it was a publicity stunt, and he never indeed departed.


As KSI became more popular, he branched out into a music career and has seen great success in the United Kingdom. His debut song, “Lamborghini”, reached No. 30 on the UK singles chart. His debut EP, “Keep Up”, became No. 1 on the UK R&B Albums Chart. He has continued releasing music and even gone on tour to promote his songs. He released a collaborative album with YouTuber Randolph earlier this year titled "New Age."


Q. What is KSI's age?

A. KSI was born on the 19th of June 1993, making him 29 years old.

Q. How rich is KSI?

A. According to reports, KSI's net worth was a staggering $25 million as of January 2023. Over the years, KSI has made millions of dollars via his several occupations, endorsements, and significant sponsorship agreements.

Q. Who is KSI's best friend?

A. It is no secret that Simon 'Miniminter' Minter is one of KSI's oldest friends. After all, the duo met in school and were best friends. Since then, Simon has helped JJ become one of the best YouTubers in this world.