10 cars that should debut in GTA Online Winter DLC 2023

gta online winter dlc 2023 cars
There are several vehicles that should debut in GTA Online with the upcoming Winter DLC (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA Online has many vehicles, and the upcoming Winter DLC 2023 will add several new ones to the roster. While fans are quite excited about the update, they also have a wishlist of some incredible cars that should debut in the online multiplayer this year. Rockstar Games often listens to these requests and adds certain vehicles to keep the player base happy.

While there are already tons of great cars in the game, players are constantly looking for something new. The developers have already hinted that new vehicles will make an appearance with the update. While quite a few will be perfect for drifting, others will mostly be for racing and driving around the town.

This article lists 10 cars that fans would love to see in GTA Online with the upcoming winter update.

Note: The article is subjective and solely reflects the writer's opinion.

10 amazing cars that deserve to be featured in the upcoming GTA Online Winter DLC 2023

1) Rolls Royce Spectre


Now that Rockstar has confirmed that Yusuf Amir from GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony will make an appearance in GTA Online, it makes sense for him to drive something exotic yet modern like the Rolls Royce Spectre. It is a four-seater electric vehicle that would fit perfectly in the game.

2) Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk


The Jeep Grand Cherokee Trackhawk is an amazing SUV that deserves a place in GTA Online. It is a powerful beast that offers great speed and handling that most players need in the game. While the real-life vehicle is not made for offroading, Rockstar can make a couple of adjustments to allow players to explore rough terrain in this car.

3) Super Drop Diamond


The Super Drop Diamond is a very famous car from GTA 4: The Ballad of Gay Tony, and is the primary vehicle of Yusuf Amir. It is based on the real-life 2007–2016 Rolls-Royce Phantom Drophead Coupe. Fans have been requesting that Rockstar bring this vehicle to GTA Online for a long time.

4) PMP 600


The PMP 600 is another extremely popular vehicle from GTA 4 that players wish to see in GTA Online with the Winter DLC. It is based on the real-life 2005-2010 Chrysler 300C SRT-8. This four-door luxury sedan, while not the fastest vehicle in the game, offers great luxury and comfort. Naturally, fans want the developers to add it to the online multiplayer with the upcoming update.

5) Hummer EV


There are already a couple of Hummer-inspired vehicles in the online multiplayer. However, the Hummer EV is a completely different beast. It has two real-life variants, including a pickup and a SUV. Adding it to GTA Online will provide more choices in this category. The car also looks spectacular with its protruding tires and raised body.

6) Ford GT90


The Ford GT90 is a concept car that was first unveiled in 1995. This high-performance vehicle not only has great looks but also the specs to back it up. Its 48-valve V12 is enough to leave most vehicles in the dust.

A large part of the community wants Rockstar to add this car to the epic roster of the game. Many believe that it would be a perfect weaponized vehicle due to its design.

7) Ferrari 330 P4


While there are a couple of excellent Ferrari-inspired cars in GTA Online, there are none like the 330 P4. This endurance car with a V12 engine is one of the best vehicles that the company has ever produced. It has an excellent old-school sports car aesthetic and an engine that makes it stay ahead of the pack. The contoured hood with raised fenders gives it a sleek look that would look perfect in online multiplayer.

8) Comet Retro (Non-Wide Body)

A screenshot of the non-wide body of the car that players can get through the mod (Image via gta5-mods.com)
A screenshot of the non-wide body of the car that players can get through the mod (Image via gta5-mods.com)

While the Comet Retro Custom has been a part of online multiplayer for quite some time, a lot of players feel that the game lacks this version of the original vehicle. At the moment, fans need to use various mods to get it in Grand Theft Auto Online, and many are hoping that the developers add a non-wide body version of the car to the game.

9) BMW Vision Next 100


The BMW Vision Next 100 is one of the coolest-looking concept cars of all time. It has reptile-like scales that move around and give the feeling that the vehicle is alive and breathing. It will be a great addition to the online multiplayer, allowing players to experience a vehicle that might never be commercially available in real life.

10) Cadillac LMDh


The Cadillac LMDh is a hybrid car that not only has a unique look but also an insanely powerful engine that is capable of reaching competitively viable top speeds. LMDh stands for Le Mans Daytona Hybrid, meaning that the car participates in the Le Mans races and has both an electric motor as well as a fuel engine. This car would be a great addition to the Grand Theft Auto Online roster.

With the recent GTA 6 TikTok leak only showing parts of the map, fans are expecting the upcoming trailer to reveal more information about the vehicles that players might get to drive in the game.

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