5 best GTA 5 mods that add new missions

5 best GTA 5 mods that add new missions (Image via Sportskeeda)
5 best GTA 5 mods that add new missions (Image via Sportskeeda)

GTA 5 is the most trending and fun-filled open-world action game in the overall Grand Theft Auto series. With the extraordinary contribution of the modding community, the game is indeed going to be on the top of the charts for more years to come.

Story missions are the main highlight of GTA 5. There are a total of 69 main missions, and out of these, there are six heist missions in Story mode. With the inclusion of mods, players can experience a range of new missions, opening portals to new concepts and techniques that can be applied when playing.

The modding community's contributions have been the icing on the cake, especially since they hype up the energy of the missions to a great height. All things considered, here are the five best mods that players should try out to add new missions in GTA 5.

5 best mods that bring new and fun missions to GTA 5

1) Grand Theft Zombies


Zombies are striking creatures and with the inclusion of these brain-eating monsters in the GTA 5 game, players will experience a handful of actions in a completely new zone. These missions are all about intellectual gameplay.

With this mod, players can simply step into action for some fun with a bunch of brain-dead monsters spawning around them. Another exciting part of the mod is the inclusion of fast zombies and zombified dogs.

Apart from this, players can also participate in random events, loot ammunition from the stores, do a shootout with the store guy, and do many more things. This mod is a creation of jedijosh920 & Nacorpio.

2) Fleeca Bank Heists


Ravaging is a lifeline in the world of San Andreas. Fleeca Bank Heists is a revamped version of Rob Fleeca. In GTA Online, Fleeca Bank is not seen in any of the missions and this one corrects that. With this mod, players can rob all six branches of Fleeca Bank. As seen in the game, Fleeca Bank vaults cannot be opened, and no employees are present inside.

This mod includes five methods to break the vaults and bestows a completely new experience for the players. From removing the marks in front of the banks to adding police in its latest update, the mod has come a long way. This mod is the creation of aimless, danistheman262.

3) JobsV


Players can now experience real-life challenges in GTA 5 with this mod. The creator's thought process is commendable. Gamers can now work a college entry job, attend college, obtain a degree, get a paid job or even do multiple jobs at once, get promotions, and have endless choices.

They can now experience a taste of success in their virtual character as well, from achieving nothing to everything. The fun part of this mod is that players can take up various courses, even something as off-beat as becoming a taxi driver. This mod is the creation of TylerEspo from the modding community.

4) ATM Robberies & Bank Heists


This is the one mod that has included the element players were longing for. With this mod, players can freely rob an ATM or bank. Finally, all the cash available in the 10 banks and 47 ATMs will be within the players' reach. Once they load their bags, they can go to the safehouse or hideouts with GTA Online's player safehouse symbol.

Hideouts remove the players' LPSD records, making them ready to rob anytime they want. The excitement is sure to increase multifold with these creations from the modding community. This mod is the creation of FelixTheBlackCat.

1) GTA 5 Online Missions for Single Player


It is one of the most liked missions and the modding community never fails to impress players. This mod will assign players to complete specific job tasks and give them a specific set of instructions to do so too. The most exciting feature is when players get missions through texts from an employer.

Along with the 69 missions, players can add two new missions - Out of Harmony and Hold Up with update 4.6, and three new missions - Show Me the Money, Extradition, and Landing Gear with update 4.7. Update 4.8 added two more missions - Sinking Feeling and The Parking Garage. This mod will definitely turn out to be a hit in the city of Los Santos. This mod is the creation of DeaDPooL22.

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The modding community has brought diversity to the game. Players have the liberty to make the missions fun and exciting by using vehicle mods, tool mods, weapon mods, and much more on the plate.

In a nutshell, by customizing the missions, players can have unlimited options to experience new thrilling adventures every day within the city of Los Santos and keep the action going until GTA 6 comes out.

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