5 problems fans have with GTA 5

GTA 5 isn't a perfect game (Image via Rockstar Games)
GTA 5 isn't a perfect game (Image via Rockstar Games)

GTA 5 is a terrific game, but it still has its fair share of notable flaws.

Unless one has blind loyalty to a video game, it should become apparent what some of its flaws are. Not everybody will view these flaws in the same light, especially since some of these problems are more applicable to GTA 5 in a specific time frame.

It should go without saying that GTA 5 has several great traits that make it a noteworthy game. However, this article will focus more on its flaws than anything else. Predictably, these flaws tend to align with the broad consensus about the issues with GTA 5.

GTA 5 is noticeably flawed

#5 - Franklin's storyline isn't as fleshed out


One of the most significant issues fans have with GTA 5 is the emphasis on quantity over quality regarding the story. Michael's story is often considered good, Trevor's story is deemed passable, but Franklin's story is just there.

His narrative starts interesting, but he ultimately becomes a sidekick to the other two protagonists. This, in turn, makes him the most forgettable protagonist out of the three, which hampers the end of his storyline.

Predictably, this makes antagonists like Stretch feel like one of the most forgettable villains in recent GTA history. It makes sense why so much of the story gets glossed over, but that doesn't necessarily right the wrongs.

#4 - GTA 5 is too satirical at times


Rockstar Games is known for adding a lot of satire into their GTA games, but some fans would argue that they overdid it in GTA 5. It doesn't help that the general writing isn't as clever as in past games, so these parodies aren't as entertaining as they were then.

One could even argue that radio station commercials aren't as memorable as in past games, thanks to this change in tone. That's not to say there aren't some funny segments here and there within GTA 5, but it seems to be muddled with a parody of a parody in other moments.

#3 - Some fans had to rebuy GTA 5 to play the updated GTA Online

Some fans weren't happy about making the switch (Image via Austin Evans)
Some fans weren't happy about making the switch (Image via Austin Evans)

This is an older reason, but some fans who had GTA 5 on the PS3 and Xbox 360 loved to play GTA Online. The game was an add-on for those who owned GTA 5.

Once this older generation of consoles stopped issuing GTA Online updates, fans were required to buy GTA 5 on a new console to play an updated GTA Online. Otherwise, they would be playing a stagnant game with a meta that never changes.

Typically, a GTA game wouldn't last as long as GTA 5. Hence most players don't expect the ever-growing need to get it on other consoles. If a similar thing happens to the PS4/Xbox One once the Expanded and Enhanced Editions are released, it's likely some fans will be irritated again.

#2 - Grinding/MTX in GTA Online

GTA Online is considered a separate game from GTA 5, but it's technically also a part of GTA 5. Hence, some of GTA Online's problems can be regarded as GTA 5's problems too.

The most apparent predicament related to GTA Online is how grindy it can feel at times. Recent updates like the Cayo Perico Heist have helped a lot, but GTA Online is still a game where everything is expensive to purchase. Players can get the bare necessities quite easily, but there are so many luxuries to get on the side.

One way to alleviate that grind is to buy Shark Cards. However, MTX usually has its detractors (rightfully so), and GTA Online is no different in this regard. Given some of the prices in GTA Online, one would have to buy a ludicrous amount of Shark Cards to keep up if they barely play the game.

#1 - It's been the only mainline GTA game for nearly a decade

Fans want GTA 6. Even if they love GTA 5, there comes a point where the game feels stale. That's not to say GTA 5 is a bad game, but it's received so much marketing the past couple of years that some fans feel like it's been milked too much.

For comparison's sake, the timespan between GTA 5 and GTA 6 (which is ever-growing each day) is longer than the time between GTA 3 and GTA 4. Several classics like GTA Vice City and San Andreas were released between GTA 3 and 4.

AAA video games have become more expensive to make. That said, fans haven't even heard any announcements regarding GTA 6. Predictably, some of these fans are going to lash out at GTA 5, as it seems to be the only thing Rockstar Games cares about.

Note: This article reflects the writer's personal views.

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