5 reasons why Rockstar should stick to a single protagonist for GTA 6

GTA 6 can be the game that goes back to the single protagonist approach (Image via Sportskeeda)
GTA 6 can be the game that goes back to the single protagonist approach (Image via Sportskeeda)
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GTA 6 has been a part of gaming discussions since GTA 5 came out. The game was expected to drop 3-4 years after Grand Theft Auto 5. The significant and unexpected success of the game and its online counterpart changed things up. It has already been a decade, almost, and all gamers have are leaks and rumors.

A big question gamers ponder is whether the upcoming game will feature a single main character or multiple. The answer is not as easy as black or white. There is a lot of gray in between. This article discusses why GTA 6 should opt for a single protagonist approach.

Note: The points represent the views and opinions of the writer.

Reasons why GTA 6 should have a single protagonist

5) Choices that matter


Having multiple protagonists was a new and fresh approach when Grand Theft Auto 5 came out. No other game had it in the way Rockstar brought it. But since then, there have been many games that have excelled at it.

The video above is from Detroit: Become Human, and it is one of the best games that features an impactful decision system and multiple protagonists.

Grand Theft Auto games have never really had such a choice mechanic. Combining this with multiple protagonists will be difficult. While focussing on a single character, this mechanic can do wonders. It will be something GTA fans have never seen in the series.

4) Incomplete characters

Many fans believe that Red Dead Redemption 2 and Grand Theft Auto 5 follow similar approaches. The former features Arthur and John, while the latter features Michael, Franklin, and Trevor. But in reality, they couldn't be more different.

Five presents a gameplay approach that lets gamers freely switch between all three characters at any given point. Some missions also provide options to switch characters. In RDR 2, however, gamers never get a chance to switch between John and Arthur. Both characters are playable at different points in the game.

This enables the writers to focus more on a single character. With Grand Theft Auto 5, the writers had to constantly keep switching narratives, which led to shallow character arcs.

3) Character customization


Customization is the name of the game these days. Letting gamers' creative juices flow freely is something very few games do correctly. WWE 2K is also from Take-Two Interactive and offers immense character customization options.

GTA Online did feature a character creator, but it was not as in-depth. The game is almost a decade old. But the story mode had no character creator whatsoever.

Cyberpunk and Saints Row offers gamers an in-depth character creator section for the main protagonists. This will be huge for the upcoming game as fans have never had this.

2) Hasty campaign

Many gamers and fans say that GTA 5 has a great story, and it is unmatched. That is true, and the story is very well written. But gamers often forget that the game became popular and is still going strong because of online and not story mode.

Rockstar recently made online a standalone product so that gamers who want to play online can buy it separately. There is no real replayability to GTA 5's story mode as it is busy jumping between characters.

If the devs were to fully flush the characters out and write a well-paced campaign, the game would be more than 200 hours long. With three protagonists, it isn't possible. Most missions were repetitive, and some barely qualified as missions (for instance, go get the masks).

1) Immersion


Immersion in video games is quintessential, especially for games like GTA 6. The true enjoyability of the story comes when the gamer is one with the character in the game. They feel what the character is at any given point in time. This is also being done in movies and TV series today.

Multiple protagonists do not allow the gamer to fully invest in one character. Every character is written equally and with the same emphasis to maintain balance.

GTA 5 gamers may enjoy being Franklin and doing REPO work for Simeon, but they also enjoy being Trevor and going crazy. Arthur, for example, had a set of traits and mannerisms which gamers adapted to and got used to. That's what made him a legend.

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