Top 5 take-aways from the latest GTA 6 "leak" on 4Chan

Image via Technobezz
Image via Technobezz

The recent 4Chan GTA 6 leak has been well-documented through various parts of the internet, so here are some of the important take-aways for fans to know.

Leaks and 4Chan are like peanut butter and jelly - a perfect match. Sometimes a leaker has credible information and releases valuable info for the Internet to know, while at other times, it's complete rubbish. It's too early to talk about the recent GTA 6 AMA leaks, but it's vital to take everything with a grain of salt.

The recent 4chan leak only included text and a few vague images, so there is no definitive evidence to confirm certain aspects. However, past leaks have been proved right even when they seemed so minimal and "fake," so it's still valuable to discuss this 4Chan leak for the sake of discussion.

Five take-aways from the latest GTA 6 "leak" on 4Chan

#5 - Inconsistent map size

Image via GTAForums
Image via GTAForums

The leaker inconsistently described how big the GTA 6 map would be (not necessarily confirmed to be Vice City). First, they claimed it was smaller than Red Dead Redemption 2's map. Then they would later claim that they were referring to how fast it is to move from through the longest route in the game. It's unclear if this would refer to GTA 6 having faster vehicles; ergo should travel faster.

The leaker claimed that players could move through Red Dead Redemption 2 is about in about 15 to 20 minutes, while the same player could move through GTA 6 in about 13 to 15 minutes. Aside from that, this individual said that the map is more condensed so that it could be an interesting deviation from past GTA titles. For some fans on the Internet, this seems to be one of the red flags questioning its validity.

#4 - Great storyline

Image via TweakTown
Image via TweakTown

A great storyline is obviously subjective in the eyes of fans, but it's important to note that the leaker heavily praised GTA 6's storyline. He said it might be the best story in a GTA game ever and that it's about 60 hours long, yet that it's not as emotional as Red Dead Redemption 2's story. It's quite the heavy praise, although the lack of details regarding the storyline is more similar to a positive review than the actual product.

The game apparently takes place in the 1970s, with a chapter system. The leaker refused to comment upon if the protagonist gets replaced later on (such as if the 1970s protagonist is the father of the protagonist of 1987), as they said it would spoil the game. The protagonist's codename is Ricardo, but the true name wasn't revealed as it would "give too much away" for the GTA 6 story.

#3 - More advanced combat

Image via DroidJournal
Image via DroidJournal

Apparently, this 4Chan leaker claimed that the combat is generally improved upon in GTA 6. Fists have more animations, one of which includes grabbing people and putting them in a clinch. There are also more unique stealth animations, but other than that, fists have improved as a weapon compared to prior GTA games. As a whole, it's something to look forward to.

Naturally, other elements of in-game combat have improved tremendously. One thing worth noting is that explosions can blow off limbs, particularly if somebody is close enough to the explosion. Shooting in close-quarters can also show bone fragmentation, and slashing people with a machete shows deeper cuts compared to past games.

#2 - It may release in October 2023

Image via Printable 2021 Calendars
Image via Printable 2021 Calendars

There is a lot of debate regarding whether or not GTA 6 will come out in 2023 or 2024. The latter date seems supported by Take-Two Interactive marketing data, but the 4Chan leaker speculates that GTA 6 will come out in October 2023 (at least that's the target). For most fans, playing GTA 6 sooner, rather than later, is ideal.

Another interpretation is that the increased marketing in 2024 is for GTA 6 Online, as the leaker does claim that GTA 6 Online will come out a few months after. Considering GTA Online came out a few weeks after GTA V did, that seems unlikely, but it's always within the realm of possibility.

#1 - The main protagonist is a male

Image via Fyine
Image via Fyine

Male main protagonists aren't anything new to the GTA series, so it wouldn't be a shocking take-away for that reason. Rather, it's a complete contradiction to previous leakers that were adamant that the main protagonist was a female, which means some parts of this leak contradict other major leaks.

It's unknown if it would mean that it's just this part of the leak that goes against what other leakers say, or if there was some miscommunication and that the "female protagonist" was a different character altogether.

Another thing to note is that the leaker didn't specify many details about multiple protagonists. Apparently, the game takes place throughout several decades through several chapters, so it's still a possibility that this leak supports other leaks that claimed there would be multiple protagonists in GTA 6.

Apparently, the female protagonist idea was considered in 2017 but was scrapped as it didn't fit the narrative Rockstar was looking for in GTA 6.

Note: This list is subjective and reflects only the writer's opinions.

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