Why GTA Online players need a Cheetah Classic in 2022

A brief about Grotti Cheetah Classic and its performance in GTA Online (Image via WowSuchMiata on Reddit)
A brief about Grotti Cheetah Classic and its performance in GTA Online (Image via WowSuchMiata on Reddit)

GTA Online has a lot of variants for classic fan-favorite vehicles from the history of the series, including the iconic Grotti Cheetah Classic.

The Cheetah Classic is a 2-seater civilian sports car that has featured in the multiplayer title since the release of the Gunrunning update in 2017. It closely resembles the 3D Universe version of its counterpart due to its older look. However, the Cheetah is still considered one of the best sports cars in the entire game.

With that being said, let’s learn everything about the Cheetah Classic in GTA Online in 2022.

Everything to know about Grotti Cheetah Classic in GTA Online – Price, performance, and more


GTA Online's Cheetah Classic has taken design cues from various real-life Ferrari cars for different body parts, such as:

  • Ferrari Testarossa – Overall design, pop-up headlamps, and front fascia
  • Ferrari 512 BB – Frontal area and tail lamps
  • Ferrari 288 GTO – Fog lights, air vents, and the bonnet area

The Cheetah Classic’s visual appearance comprises the following characteristics, giving it a more lightweight and compact design:

Front body:

  • Small bottom extender on the front bumper
  • Thin intake with a plastic trim
  • Central License Plate
  • Rectangular meshed grille
  • A set of square-shaped fog lamps with black trim
  • Grotti emblem in the center of the bonnet area
  • Two pop-up headlights with dual square lamps
  • Stock vents on the bonnet
  • Radiator heat vent behind the vent

Side body:

  • Dual side intake for airflow
  • Engine intake manifolds for cooling and intake air purposes
  • “GROTTI” marked on the black plastic skirts matching with the Cheetah’s side word
  • Rear-quartered windows aligned with the cabin
  • The vertical rear window in the rear section
  • Black engine louvers, separated into different sections
  • Intakes on the engine bay
  • A set of mirror wings

Rear body:

  • Small lip on the upper rear side
  • A vented end with the manufacturer's emblem in the center
  • Dual circular tail lamps on each side
  • Turn signals and inner reverse lights
  • “GROTTI” and “CHEETAH” marked below the tail lamps
  • Rear bumper spanning the width of the vehicle
  • Exit vents on the edges of the bumper
  • Moldings for rear dual exhaust tubes
  • A grilled section in the center
  • License plate, placed between the rear body and the rear bumper


  • White stitched trim around the dial cluster
  • “GROTTI” marked on the passenger side
  • Wider Central Console
  • No seams for the glove compartment

When it comes to its performance, the Cheetah Classic runs on a V12 engine coupled to a 5-speed gearbox in an RWD layout.

Players can purchase the vehicle from Legendary Motorsport for $865,000.

Why is it worth purchasing the Cheetah Classic in 2022?


The Grotti Cheetah Classic is one of the best vehicles in the sports class due to its powerful performance. On a full upgrade, the car can reach a staggering top speed of 120.25 mph (193.52 km/h), making it the best choice for most Sports Classic races in GTA Online.

It offers better traction than the Infernus Classic and reduces the possibility of spinning out while taking corners. Beginners can easily handle the car, even at high speeds, as the vehicle gives enough windows for the driver to react to a sudden situation or avoid a catastrophic crash.

All of this makes the Cheetah Classic a must for every classic car enthusiast in GTA Online who wants a solid performance along with a sporty look.

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