3 NFL HCs the Dolphins should target to replace Brian Flores

Could Bill O'Brien replace Brian Flores as Dolphins head coach?
Could Bill O'Brien replace Brian Flores as Dolphins head coach?
Ian Van Roy

According to Adam Schefter, Brian Flores has officially been fired. Despite roaring back from a 1-7 start to finish over .500, the Dolphins have apparently elected to part ways with Flores.

Which direction should the Dolphins go in? Here's a look at three options the Dolphins should strongly consider in 2022.

3 head coach options for Miami Dolphins

#1 - Bill O'Brien

Houston Texans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers
Houston Texans v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

If the team wants to take another shot at a Bill Belichick disciple, Bill O'Brien could be available. Several people took shots at O'Brien after the debacle leading to his exit from Houston as head coach.

However, the Dolphins could sign O'Brien to strctly handle coaching duties. The front office duties would be left up to the Dolphins' brass, as that seemed to be a weak point for O'Brien with the Texans.

While folks are upset that #BrianFlores got fired or how #EricBienemy and #ByronLeftwich always get overlooked, I wrote about how white coaches like Kellen Moore and Bill O’Brien owned #BlackMonday before it even started.My latest for…

O'Brien famously traded DeAndre Hopkins in his opening salvo of moves as general manager, placing the Texans in the tough spot where they currently still reside.

Since then, however, the former head coach has landed with the Alabama Crimson Tide and is coaching in the national college championship game tonight.

Additionally, after working with Nick Saban, O'Brien would be prepared to deal with Tua Tagovailoa and have a better understanding of the system he came from.

#2 - Eric Bieniemy

Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability
Kansas City Chiefs Media Availability

Over the last couple of seasons, Eric Bieniemy has been a consistent coaching candidate. However, the Chiefs' offensive coordinator has elected to stick around.

Bieniemy has been the team's offensive coordinator since 2018. Without him, many would argue that Mahomes' explosion would not have been as big and bright.

The worst-ranked offense under Eric Bieniemy was sixth in 2019. Aside from that, the Chiefs have been ranked in the top three in each season since 2018.

Could Miami be the landing spot for one of the architects behind the Chiefs' dominance?

Carolina’s is expected to target former NFL head coaches Jay Gruden and Bill O’Brien in its search for a new offensive coordinator, per league sources.Carolina also expected to be interested in talking with Rams’ OC Kevin O'Connell.

Many would argue that a young quarterback in Tua Tagovailoa and offensive pieces such as Jaylen Waddle make the job attractive. Would Bienemy bite if given the chance?

#3 - Kellen Moore

Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys
Minnesota Vikings v Dallas Cowboys

If Miami cannot get Eric Beinemy, Kellen Moore is a more than attractive option. Moore is the Cowboys' offensive coordinator and has been credited by many as the architect behind the Cowboys' top-ranked offense.


Considering the playoffs begin next weekend, Moore could be on the market longer than other options as he focuses on chasing a Lombardi trophy.

Of course, Moore would likely need a full rookie season to develop as head coach, but by 2023, Miami could be an offensive powerhouse.

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