Aaron Rodgers' future with Packers could be sealed earlier than one might expect 

Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers
Divisional Round - Seattle Seahawks v Green Bay Packers

As the offseason continues, there's more belief and confidence each day that Aaron Rodgers will return next season with the Green Bay Packers.

After the season ended, Rodgers stuck around with the organization and trained with them at the facility.

Aaron's relationship with the front office has improved vastly since last season, and if they're able to retain his buddy Davante Adams, then it may be a lock to stay.

Just this morning, @JPAFootball on Twitter reported that the Denver Broncos have reportedly called about possibly acquiring Rodgers and the Packers aren't picking up their phone calls. The Broncos signed Nathaniel Hackett as their new head coach this offseason.

Hackett has been Rodgers' offensive coordinator the last three seasons and has been making a push to acquire Rodgers.

Aaron Rodgers likely to stay if Davante Adams is franchise-tagged

Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers
Cleveland Browns v Green Bay Packers

NFL teams can retain the rights to one of their impending free agents in 2022 with the use of a non-exclusive or exclusive franchise tag during a 15-day period that begins on February 22 and ends on March 8th.

Wide receiver Davante Adams' contract expires after this season with the Packers and he'll be a free agent once the new league-year starts.

If the Packers can't reach an extension with him before free agency begins, all signs point to them using their franchise tag on him.

In his eight-year career with the Packers, Adams has been very productive, piling up 669 recpetions for 8,121 yards and 73 touchdowns.

Adams has been one of Rodgers' favorite targets in his career and has certainly been his top guy in the last few years.

Aaron Rodgers' MVP speech sounds like he isn't going anywhere

Super Bowl XLV MVP - Press Conference
Super Bowl XLV MVP - Press Conference

Aaron Rodgers won the 2021 NFL MVP award and during his MVP speech, he shed some light on his thoughts at the time.

"Brian came out and saw me on the west coast and we had some good conversations. And from the day I got back, I feel like there was earnest decisions on both sides to meet in the middle and communicate. I’m very thankful to be a part of the conversations I was a part of. I feel like my opinion mattered. To feel the even deeper and more meaningful support from him and him and Russ (Ball) and Mark (Murphy). So that was definitely a special part of the season, to see that relationship grow,” said Rodgers.

Rodgers also doesn't fear the possibility of retiring, as Packers beat writer Matt Schneidman tweeted from a quote of the four-time NFL MVP:

"I don't fear retirement. I don't fear moving on...Also still highly competitive and still a bitter taste from the divisional game. Definitely a lot to weigh."

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