NFL insider provides telling update on Aaron Rodgers' future 

Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens
Green Bay Packers v Baltimore Ravens

NFL insider Ian Rapoport is reporting that Aaron Rodgers may possibly stay put and be a Packers player next season.

Yesterday, Rapoport went on The Pat McAfee Show and the two discussed various NFL topics. One of those topics being the status of Packers quarterback Aaron Rodgers.

When McAfee asked Rapoport about an update on number 12, Rapoport responded by saying that the Packers have optimism themselves that their quarterback will return next season:

"Aaron Rodgers stuck around for a couple of days and worked with LaFleur and planned for the future, nothing definitive and I know no one in the world, certainly no one in the Packers building is like we got it, but they want him back badly and they were at least encouraged by what happened, the Packers have cautious optimism that he’ll return."

Will Aaron Rodgers stay with the Packers?

Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins
Wild Card Round - Green Bay Packers v Washington Redskins

Every week there's new news regarding the status of the three-time NFL MVP quarterback. With Tom Brady "officially" retiring and out of the quarterback picture, the biggest question that remains this offseason with the quarterback carousel is where will Aaron Rodgers play next season.

If Rapoport's report yesterday is true about the Packers having optimism because he stayed with them working out for a few days, then that may be his best scenario.

Aaron has had a lot of success with the Packers during his 17-year career. He won the Super Bowl with the Packers in 2010 and has made it to five NFC Championship games.

If his primary goal is to be with the team that gives him the best chance at a championship, then it would most certainly benefit him to take a look at remaining with the Green Bay Packers.

Could Rodgers seek a trade and join elsewhere?

Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions
Green Bay Packers v Detroit Lions

With offseason and free-agency right around the corner, there are a few teams the All-Pro quarterback could try to get traded to. He is still under contract with the Packers, so if he were to go elsewhere, the Packers would have to trade him away.

Despite his age (38), one would expect there to be a market for the Pro Bowl quarterback, even at this stage in his career.

Teams such as the Philadelphia Eagles and the New York Giants have multiple first-round picks that they can use to try to improve their quarterback positions if they choose to do so.

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