NFL Twitter has hilarious response to Aaron Rodgers lookalike appearing at Lambeau Field

Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears
Green Bay Packers v Chicago Bears

Heading into the weekend, many looked at the Aaron Rodgers-Justin Fields matchup and sighed. However, those who tuned into the game were treated to a spectacular affair. During one of the best first halves of any game this season, the Bears and Packers traded blows similar to the Chiefs-Rams Monday Night Football game a few years ago.

Aaron Rodgers' doppelganger has been found

Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals
Green Bay Packers v Cincinnati Bengals

During the showdown, NBC cameras spotted something odd in the crowd. It looked like Aaron Rodgers was in the stands and on the field at the same time. NBC took it upon themselves to show a live side-by-side comparison between the two people. NFL Twitter had a field day.

Both people were wearing Packers beanies and had full beards in addition to shoulder-length brown hair. Both had similarly shaped noses and facial features. Put simply, the man in the stands could pass for Aaron Rodgers in plenty of situations. It is unclear how similar their voices were, but the fan could have been Rodgers' stunt double. Plenty of fans responded to the post on the official NFL Twitter account with their own jokes.

Aaron Rodgers has been at the center of the memeverse on social media plenty of times this season. Between the meme he created against the Cardinals, Rodgers' Covid foot and vaccination controversy, and the offseason antics, he's arguably been the biggest talking point in the NFL over the last 12 months.

On top of the memes and antics, the Packers are in range to get the top seed in the NFC this season. With the win over the Chicago Bears, the Packers move to 10-3 on the season. They currently have the second seed in the NFC behind the Arizona Cardinals.


The Cardinals play the Rams on Monday Night Football. If the Rams defeat the Arizona Cardinals, who have already lost one weekday primetime game this season, the Cardinals would slip behind the Packers. The Packers beat the Cardinals earlier this season, thereby owning the tiebreaker.

Put simply, both Aaron Rodgers and the rest of the Packers players, coaches, and fandom will all be rooting for the Los Angeles Rams in the contest. The Rams lost to the Cardinals earlier this season by 17 points in their home stadium. Since, the Rams have had a tough time in the NFL, going winless in November.

The Rams will be hoping to beat the Cardinals on their home turf. If they can pull off the upset, the Packers would be the biggest benefactors of the game as they would control their own destiny in the NFC. Will both Aaron Rodgers have something to celebrate this week on top of the primetime win over the Bears?

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