Baker Mayfield says he's going off "toxic" social media for the foreseeable future

Cleveland Browns' quarterback's statement on leaving social media - Credit: Baker Mayfield on Instagram
Cleveland Browns' quarterback's statement on leaving social media - Credit: Baker Mayfield on Instagram

Over the last few weeks, Baker Mayfield has had it rough. Between injuries, surgery and missing the playoffs, the quarterback had as tough of an end to 2021 as anyone.

However, if one was to ask Mayfield what he's had to deal with, he would likely add "toxic" social media to the list.

Well, it appears he's doing something about the issue as he made the announcement that he is stepping away from the digital space. The quarterback posted on Twitter and Instagram that he's stepping away.

One post was nicer than the other.

" media is toxic. Always kept my circle tight. Time to get back to that. Family and loved ones only."

On Instagram, the quarterback avoided using the word "toxic," but nevertheless kept the message mostly the same.

"Getting off all social media for the foreseeable future. Gotta do what's best to focus on me, my family and loved ones. Appreciate all the support. Time to get right. If it's a business or marketing inquiry, contact @CTALBY"

It seems Mayfield has more important eyes on his Instagram than his Twitter, based on the choice of rhetoric. On the other hand, he could simply have been in a different mood when posting on one versus the other.

Regardless, the quarterback has made his position known. How long will he be able to shut it down?

As a member of the newest generation in the NFL, many would say quitting social media will be much tougher for him than for players who were playing before social media took over the world. However, those same people would likely say taking a break is a worthwhile pursuit.

How well did Baker Mayfield do in 2021?

Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns
Cincinnati Bengals v Cleveland Browns

After Mayfield's toughest season in the NFL to date, the quarterback may have needed to step away and quiet the noise to refocus and reset. In terms of statistics, 2021 was arguably the worst season of his career.

He played in 14 games for a record of 6-8. He threw for just 17 touchdowns and 13 interceptions. In terms of yardage, the quarterback had 500 fewer yards than any other season in his career.


In failing to make the playoffs, the Browns ruined their first chance to have a run of back-to-back playoff seasons since 2003. The last time the Browns had back-to-back playoff seasons was back in the late 1980s, according to Pro Football Reference.

As such, the counter resets for the Browns.

If the quarterback had been able to lead the Browns to the playoffs in back-to-back years for the first time since late 1980s, he would have been almost as big of a hero in Cleveland as Super Bowl-winning quarterbacks with other franchises.

Of course, to get there, Mayfield first needs to get his shoulder right and come back better than ever.

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