"Leave it up to the Cowboys to ruin my morning" - Cowboys fans in disbelief over Randy Gregory signing with Broncos 

Randy Gregory has signed with the Denver Broncos
Randy Gregory has signed with the Denver Broncos

Free agency frenzy has officially begun, and Cowboys edge rusher Randy Gregory made the first big surprise move. On Tuesday morning, Randy Gregory stunned the Dallas Cowboys when he verbally agreed to join the Denver Broncos.

Gregory had a 5-year, $70 million deal in place with the Cowboys.

The #Cowboys are expected to sign their own pass-rusher Randy Gregory to a deal around $13M per year, source said. The deal isn’t done yet. But it is headed that way.

A couple of hours later, Gregory changed his mind, choosing to sign with the Denver Broncos.

Same deal for Randy Gregory with the #Broncos as he was to sign with the #Cowboys, source says. Five years, $70 million.…

Now and then, this happens in free agency. In 2015, Frank Gore originally agreed to join the Eagles before backing off and joining the Indianapolis Colts. Anthony Barr did the same in 2019 as he initially agreed to a deal to join the New York Jets before re-signing with the Minnesota Vikings.

The Cowboys picked Gregory in the second-round of the 2015 NFL draft. He has played the last five seasons with the Cowboys. In his career, Gregory has recorded 16.5 sacks, 85 tackles, eight forced fumbles, and three fumble recoveries. Gregory tied his career-high for sacks (6) and forced fumbles (3) last season, which is why he received a decent payday.

He'll now join the Denver Broncos, who could also add Von Miller.

As expected, Dallas fans were livid that Gregory chose to sign with Denver over Dallas and expressed their frustration on Twitter.

Cowboys fans lose their minds about Randy Gregory signing with the Denver Broncos

@LockTkoUp thinks Gregory is lame for changing his mind last-minute:


@Lakeshow4L Tweeted that Skip Bayless must be sick to his stomach following the news:

😂 I know #skip sick to his stomach now…

@cbellz13 laughed at the news, calling the Cowboys the joke of the NFL:

LMAO #Cowboys. The joke of the NFL…

@EmanuelC01234 thinks it's going to be crazy in the AFC West this season, with teams loading up on the D-line:

It's going to be crazy in the AFC West.. Sheesh!!!!They're all shoring up their d-lines.…

@CountOnZach thinks that the guaranteed money that Denver offered must be significantly more than what the Cowboys did:

Guarantees must be different then…

@SamuelRGold Tweeted that the AFC West is getting crazier and crazier:

The AFC West is getting more and more crazy...…

@P_ConnerJr was confused about why a player who has played on a certain team for so long decided to play elsewhere on the same contract:

For the same deal, though? Why would you choose somewhere else against the team who stood by you through all your struggles and continued to believe in you?Unless he really like R. Wilson in a tough division more than Dak in an easy one.…

@Black_Hole8 Tweeted that every AFC West team got better within the last week except for the Raiders:

Every team in the AFC WEST got better in the last 7 days EXCEPT THE RAIDERS! 🤬…

@kingzamunda09 Tweeted that the free agency this year is running crazy:

The NFL free agency runnin crazy this year i love the drama!! #NFL #NFLFreeAgency…

@JetsTakes responded, saying we call this an Anthony Barr move:

@MikeGarafolo We call that an 'Anthony Barr' round these parts

Gregory and his camp are yet to explain why they went back on their agreement with the Cowboys. More details will emerge soon.

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