Is Dalvin Cook right in saying Kirk Cousins is the best QB in the NFL right now?

Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers
Kirk Cousins of the Minnesota Vikings v Green Bay Packers

Dalvin Cook has given the highest possible praise to Kirk Cousins, saying that the latter is the best quarterback in the NFL right now. That is indeed high praise but whether it is worthy or not is a different matter. We look at some of the other players as well who might be more worthy of the crown and come back to judge whether Cook's statement about Cousins passes muster.

Kirk Cousins is playing well, but is he the best of the lot?

Narrowing down the best quarterback in the NFL is a tough choice. Many players can lay claim to that crown.

Matthew Stafford, for instance, can legitimately claim to be the leader in the NFL MVP standings right now. He led the Rams to a victory against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers last week. He is playing as well as he ever has and now he has a team that can support him.

Kyler Murray is another player who definitely has to be in any conversation. He shows unreal skills as he makes plays that defy imagination. He is also equally adept with his feet as he is with his passing and that makes a huge difference as well.

Speaking of dual-threat quarterbacks, fellow anti-vax quarterback Lamar Jackson is showing how it is done. He leads his team in both passing and rushing and can create plays at any given moment. He is a constant threat and a menace and he is arguably playing better than Cousins.

Lamar Jackson *could* become the first QB in NFL history to record 4,000 passing yards and 1,000 rushing yards in the same season…..😳 #RavensFlock

Then there is the reigning NFL MVP, Aaron Rodgers. After a disastrous first week, he is back in peak form. In the last game against the 49ers he led his team on a drive with no timeouts left and just 37 seconds on the clock. He still got his team into field goal range that they duly converted to win.

And is Cousins really playing better than Tom Brady, who is still setting records and will soon surpass Drew Brees as the all-time leader in passing yards? Our observations do not support this assertion.

Tom Brady has 80,291 career passing yards. He needs 68 yards next week at Gillette Stadium to break Drew Brees' all-time record.

So, while we sincerely respect Cook's opinion, we fear we cannot agree with him on this matter. Cousins is playing well and perhaps better than he has ever played. Unfortunately for him, his best is still not enough to catapult him to the very top of our best quarterback considerations.

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