Did Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly go to the same college? More about the Rams QB's long-time partner

Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly went to the same college
Matthew Stafford and his wife Kelly went to the same college

When it comes to popular NFL players, fans are often involved beyond just the game. This includes their off-field lifestyle, along with their personal lives. Matthew Stafford is no different.

Stafford, the quarterback for the Los Angeles Rams, is rarely active on social media. He barely uploads content related to the team, mostly speaking via press conferences.

Despite being less active, the quarterback is not exactly a private person. He has previously posted about his family, which consists of his wife Kelly and four daughters. Other posts include promotions, which relate to videos featuring himself.


Kelly Stafford, on the other hand, is more active than her husband. She has been with the QB since college. Growing and achieving success together, they remain one of the NFL's most beloved couples.

They met while at the University of Georgia, and were dating on and off. As per Kelly, they dated and then broke up occasionally, often harboring something of a love-hate relationship. At the time, Stafford had become the first freshman QB for the Georgia Bulldogs in 1998. Here's what she said about that period of their relationship:

"I always loved Matthew, and I told myself I had to move on because this isn't happening. I started talking with the backup who was the complete opposite of Matthew, so it worked."
Kelly Stafford's Instagram (@kbstafford89)
Kelly Stafford's Instagram (@kbstafford89)

When did Matthew Stafford marry Kelly?

The couple did not get married immediately. They dated for multiple years before finally tying the knot in 2015. Kelly Stafford blessed fans with photos from their wedding day. Reports added that it was a wedding without phones, and all their guests had hats they needed to customize.

They also provided Nike shoes that people could pick for the day. While Matthew Matthew Stafford was a college QB, Kelly studied nursing. She was a registered in 2014. Her podcast, which she enjoys hosting, is just one of her many hobbies.

Matthew Stafford's wife also has her own podcast

As mentioned, Kelly is the most active social media member of the family. Not only is she constantly sharing updates, but also hosts an amazing podcast of her own: The Morning After with Kelly Stafford.

It mainly focuses on Matthew Stafford, the NFL, and some occasional guests. Mainly about their personal lives, Kelly often picks a variety of topics to go with. In her recent podcast, she even discussed a fight she had with her husband.

Her own Instagram account features an assortment of posts, sharing small snippets of her life with fans. Of course, Kelly Stafford is often present during games.

Fans have showered the two with love, always supporting them during important milestones.

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