Does Super Bowl MVP voting need to be fixed? Jalen Hurts’ record-setting showing reignites debate

Did Jalen Hurts deserve Super Bowl MVP?
Did Jalen Hurts deserve Super Bowl MVP?

Jalen Hurts was by far the best player on the field during Sunday's incredible Super Bowl. He was the first quarterback to have two rushing touchdowns and a passing touchdown in the game, and he did that in the first half alone.

He finished with three rushing touchdowns, one passing touchdown and over 300 yards on a strong completion percentage. He made plays up and down the field and made some of the best throws all season in crucial moments.

He was denied the Super Bowl MVP award because he didn't win the game. It has only happened once that the winning team also didn't have the MVP, and it arguably should have happened last night.


Mahomes was excellent in guiding the Kansas City Chiefs back from a deficit and winning them the game on one leg. Hurts was probably better, even with a fumble that was returned for a score.

The Chiefs were fortunate the Philadelphia Eagles didn't have but six seconds to try and win the game in the end because their defense had no answers for Hurts and company all night.

Everyone watching the game knew that Hurts was the best player on the field. Why didn't he win the award? He didn't commit a holding call that cost his team over a minute of clock time.


He didn't allow two wide-open scores in the red zone while the Chiefs mounted an incredible comeback. All he did was move the offense down the field and play incredibly well. It's a shame the Eagles star didn't win the MVP.

Super Bowl MVP voting needs to change for players like Jalen Hurts

The entire voting process needs work. Jalen Hurts should have won, but the process needs to be changed regardless.

Jalen Hurts should have won MVP
Jalen Hurts should have won MVP

According to ProFootballTalk, the NFL asks the 16-voter panel for ballots at the two-minute warning, but will accept them later:

“We are in touch with the panel during the fourth quarter, and often with the game in the balance, media will wait until the winner of the game is clear before giving us the final vote. There is not a hard deadline. If voters want to wait until immediately after the game concludes, that is fine.”

The voting needs to begin after the game ends. That's when it's decided and the most important plays come into focus. Additionally, 16 voters is far too few. It's easy for a few voters to vote wrong and throw the entire thing off.

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