"It's a number of losses in a row" - Dolphins HC Brian Flores addresses concerns about his job security

Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins
Cincinnati Bengals v Miami Dolphins

Brian Flores is coming off an encouraging 10-6 season, but 2021 has been anything but. The team is 1-7 and essentially out of the playoff hunt.

Between quarterback injuries and the ensuing ugly losses, the team is on the opposite side of the spectrum compared to 2020. With the remainder of 2021 acting as a countdown towards the draft, the Dolphins are likely thinking about everything.

Brian Flores on his job security

At 1-7, there are no safe jobs. The coach, quarterback, and general manager could all be on the hot seat. Brian Flores addressed his job security with the media after the loss on Sunday.

He responded to a frank question about how secure he would feel if the Dolphins continued down the road they are currently on. According to ESPN, Flores didn't admit to any concerns.

I'm just worried about the players," Flores said. "I'm worried about getting them better, helping them improve. So no [I'm not worried about job security]."

However, this week's loss seemed to sting the organization more than past losses. It especially seemed to affect Flores, who allegedly took his time facing the media this week.

Usually prompt in getting to the podium, it took Flores about an hour to face the music. He explained why it took him so long to get ready.

"Today, I really just kind of sat there," he said. "It's a tough loss, it's a number of losses in a row, so I just figured we'll let the players go [first]."

Normally one of the first to speak, Flores instead let his players take the podium. Flores essentially admitted to being stunned by the defeat and shocked at where the Dolphins currently find themselves.

Flores likely echoes the rest of the organization, who had put so much into this season.

The Dolphins are seemingly regressing

In 2019, the Dolphins moved on from Ryan Tannehill and decided to rebuild from scratch at quarterback. The Dolphins went 5-11 in a famous effort to "tank for Tua," as fans jokingly called it.

It was Flores' first season as the head coach. After suffering through 2019, the Dolphins eventually landed the pick needed to get Tua Tagovailoa.

Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns
Miami Dolphins v Cleveland Browns

2020 was Tagovailoa's rookie season and the organization was thrilled to go 10-6 in what was supposed to be another year of waiting for Tagovailoa to take the reins. This gave them reason to set their sights even higher in 2021.

In a way, the last three seasons have been building to this exact moment in 2021.

Instead, the Dolphins may have a worse record in 2021 than their "tanking" season in 2019. The NFL coaching carousel stops for no one.

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