"Was Gronk unavailable?" - NFL fans react to reports of Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers teaming up against Patrick Mahomes and Josh Allen for 'The Match'

Capital One's The Match is back in 2022
Capital One's The Match is back in 2022

On Sunday, Tom Brady's tweet with a curious-eyed emoji while tagging Aaron Rodgers, Josh Allen, and Patrick Mahomes had NFL fans wondering what he was up to.

The tweet received a whopping 47,000 likes. On Monday, it was revealed that the four would be squaring off on the golf course, not the football field, in Turner Sports' latest exhibition golf challenge known as The Match, which will be organized on June 1st in Las Vegas.

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In the first edition of the golf event that will take place under the corporate aegis of the newly-merged Warner Bros. Discovery, the four legendary NFL quarterbacks, Brady, Rodgers, Mahomes, and Allen, will take to the links on June 1 in a two-on-two competition sponsored by Capital One and broadcast on the cable network TNT.

While Brady teamed up with Rodgers in the celebrity golf game against Allen and Mahomes, fans had several different reactions/takes to the news.

@StreamtheVote wondered if Gronk would be unavailable for the match, as Brady's teammate is Rodgers and not his buddy Gronk.

@JeremyLawless87 said they'd be busy on June 1st as they'll tune in to The Match.

@NFL appears to be intrigued by The Match and thinks it will be fun.

@nfldraftscout noted a matchup between two NFC quarterbacks and two AFC quarterbacks.

@Ryan00170 believes it's a matchup between the four best quarterbacks in the league today.

@joefreddoso thinks this is must-have TV and that it is a fantastic matchup between the young guns and the wily vets.

@PopNoFizzle hopes Brady and Rodgers tear Mahomes and Allen apart.

@nathan_quaye points out that this will be the first edition of The Match without professional golfers.

@JetSetDynasty thinks this event looks fun.

@sanfranfan1913 believes things will get interesting at The Match.

These teammates (Aaron Rodgers-Tom Brady & Patrick Mahomes) could be opponents come playoff time

New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers
New England Patriots v Green Bay Packers

While the four quarterbacks will have a friendly competitive gold match on June 1st, they will have aspirations for a Super Bowl title in 2023. The golfing teammates could end up being opponents in their respected conferences.

This year, Mahomes' Chiefs took on Allen's Bills in the playoffs, with the Chiefs coming up on top. Maybe a few months down the road, we'll see Brady vs. Rodgers in the NFC playoffs, and perhaps Mahomes vs. Allen again in the AFC playoffs in another classic.

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