Watch: 'Fire Nagy' chants reach United Center during Chicago Bulls' blowout loss to Pacers

Cincinnati Bengals v Chicago Bears
Cincinnati Bengals v Chicago Bears
LeRon Haire

The 'fire Matt Nagy' contingent of fans has now reached an all-time fever pitch. The much-maligned head coach of the Chicago Bears has seen better days as the team continues to drop games at an alarming rate.

The team is currently on a five-game losing streak that appears to have no end in sight. Despite being scheduled to play the winless Detroit Lions in just a few days on Thanksgiving, the Lions play hard for head coach Dan Campbell.

They are often only a possession or two away from winning the games that they've lost.

This past Sunday, the Bears lost to a Lamar Jackson-less Baltimore Ravens team on a last-second drive. After the match, Bears fans filled Soldier Field with a plethora of boos.

Apparently, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree when it comes to Chicago natives booing Matt Nagy.

#FireNagy at the Bears game yesterday. #FireNagy at the Bulls game today. We won’t give up.

With just over nine minutes left in Monday's Chicago Bulls game against the Indiana Pacers, fans at the United Center began chants of "fire Nagy." It has become apparent that Matt Nagy's time as the head coach of the Chicago Bears is coming to an end, perhaps sooner rather than later.

How long will Matt Nagy remain coach of the Chicago Bears?

The answer to this question depends on how patient Bears GM Ryan Pace and the front office are going to be with Matt Nagy. Fans across the city of Chicago are now seemingly putting more pressure on the organization to relieve Nagy of his duties.

With a 3-7 record, the team is likely out of playoff contention. Now would seem like the appropriate time to separate from Matt Nagy. In just a few days, the Bears will play the Lions on Thanksgiving Day.

At a minimum, the coach will be on board for the game. Will a loss to the Lions on Turkey Day be enough for the organization to immediately part ways with Nagy?

The answer will likely come, ironically, on Black Friday.

Has Nagy helped or hurt the development of Justin Fields?

Rookie quarterback Justin Fields has yet to fully play a dominant game from start to finish. Many place this at the feet of Matt Nagy.

Since the coach was adamant that veteran quarterback Andy Dalton would start the season, Fields never had a chance to develop a rapport with his receivers. The thought from Nagy was that Andy Dalton would start with Fields learning from the bench, so all efforts were placed on Dalton learning the offense.

Someone get those flashcards to Matt Nagy right now. I bet he can learn something.

Remember, this is also Andy Dalton's first year as a Bears quarterback, so there was an emphasis placed on him understanding the offense in lieu of getting Fields, the number 11 overall 2021 NFL Draft selection, ready to start.

In this regard, Matt Nagy failed to properly prepare Fields for this season, and the 3-7 record is more than proof of that.

Edited by Piyush Bisht
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