NFL fans irked by Davante Adams' mocking response to photographer shove

Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders
Houston Texans v Las Vegas Raiders

Davante Adams has been in hot water ever since he shoved a photographer at the end of the Las Vegas Raiders' 30-29 loss to the Kansas City Chiefs last week. After a collision while running a route in the final play, Adams was noticeably upset as he left the field. He pushed photographer Ryan Zebley, who fell to the ground. He then continued down the tunnel.

While the wide receiver was quick to apologize on social media, he took it down once the victim filed charges, accusing the Las Vegas star of assault. Instead of apologizing on the spot or reaching out to the victim, Davante Adams chose the petty option of removing his apology.

It seems like his childish behavior continued in the Las Vegas Raiders' win against the Houston Texans this week. As Adams left the field, he first gestured to the assembled photographers to give him sufficient room. He then proceeded to sidestep his way into the tunnel.

Raiders WR Davante Adams didn’t take any chances leaving the field after the game yesterday against the Texans…(🎥: @loganreever)

Such an attitude towards a potentially serious incident was probably not in good taste, and NFL fans on Twitter were quick to remind him about it.

@FieldYates @loganreever I'm just waiting for the NFL to come down on him he should be fined and suspended, they can't get away with it just cuz they're football players.
@FieldYates @loganreever This is such a childish response
@rportizKC @FieldYates @loganreever Well he’s gonna get sued for a lot of money which hopefully teaches him a lesson to not put your hands on other individuals outside of the football field
@FieldYates @loganreever I'm glad he is making a joke about assaulting someone
@FieldYates @loganreever Yeah this screams a good character person, making fun of pushing a incident bystander to the ground. He definitely has jumped in with both feet on being a Raider.
@FieldYates @loganreever No need to be an punk. Just say “excuse me” and walk on by. Just because someone is there doesn’t mean you have to push them down.
@FieldYates @loganreever Lol acting like it was an accident
@FieldYates @loganreever Are these the actions of someone who was really sorry about what he did or an immature child
@FieldYates @loganreever “take any chances” like the last one was an accident

Davante Adams' legal perils as they stand

Davante Adams will have to fight in court the cameraman he shoved in the loss to the Kansas City Chiefs filed charges.

Las Vegas Raiders WR Davante Adams has reportedly been issued a citation for misdemeanor assault in Kansas City after he shoved a photographer following his team's Monday night loss to the Chiefs.

As mentioned before, the cameraman is citing the Raiders receiver for assault. He claims to have suffered injuries, headaches, whiplash and possible concussion.

“What happened was egregiously unsportsmanlike and an act of violence that should not be excused by the NFL,” Zebley's attorney said.
Attny for Park Zebley, man shoved by #Raiders #DavanteAdams sent this:“What happened was egregiously unsportsmanlike and an act of violence that should not be excused by the NFL.” We continue to investigate this matter on Mr. Zebley’s behalf and to evaluate his legal options.'

It is unclear what will happen next, but the case does not look likely to go away anytime soon. It adds to the frustration of the Las Vegas Raiders after all the off-field controversies they were involved in last season.

Their coach Jon Gruden had to leave his position after misogynistic, homophobic and racist comments from his past emails came to light. He is still fighting a battle in the courts against the NFL. Furthermore, last season wide receiver Henry Ruggs was responsible for a fatal crash while driving under the influence.

The Las Vegas Raiders would have hoped that this season would have been calmer. But with one shove by Davante Adams, it seems like all the well-laid out plans have gone to waste. This has the potential to drag on for quite a bit longer and Adams' attitude and seeming lack of remorse will ensure the spotlight remains glaring.

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