How does Aaron Rodgers' playoff record compare to Peyton Manning's?

Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning
Aaron Rodgers and Peyton Manning

Aaron Rodgers' playoff record is something that has often been criticized by many around the NFL. A case can be made that his relative lack of success in the postseason has severely damaged the overall legacy of his otherwise stellar career. He is one of the greatest regular-season quarterbacks of all time, winning the NFL MVP award four times.

Only Peyton Manning, with five, has won the award more times than Rodgers. The two legendary quarterbacks can be compared in many ways for their somewhat similar successes and failures.

Let's take a look at how Rodgers' playoff record and accomplishments compare to that of Manning.

Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers: Two of the greatest quarterbacks to ever play in the NFL

Manning and Rodgers at Mile High
Manning and Rodgers at Mile High

Aaron Rodgers' playoff record currently stands at 11-10 ahead of the 2022-23 NFL season. He has appeared in just one Super Bowl and won the ring in his only appearance. It occurred at the conclusion of the 2010-11 NFL season.

Peyton Manning officially retired from the NFL with a 14-13 career playoff record. He has appeared in four Super Bowls, including two each with the Indianapolis Colts and Denver Broncos. He won two rings - one with each team.

Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers: Playoff TDs

Rodgers has totaled 45 touchdown passes across his 21 career starts in the playoffs. He has also added four rushing touchdowns, bringing his total to 49. He averages more than two touchdowns per game in his postseason career.

Peyton Manning has accounted for 40 touchdown passes in 27 career postseason starts. He has also chipped in with three rushing touchdowns, totaling 43. Despite playing in six more career playoff games, Manning has accounted for fewer touchdowns than Rodgers.


Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers: Playoff losses

Peyton Manning has recorded 13 playoff losses in 27 games. Rodgers has lost 10 of his 21 career playoff starts. This means that Manning has won 51.85% of his career playoff games, while Rodgers has earned a victory in 52.38% of his so far. While they are close, Aaron Rodgers' playoff record is slightly better.


Peyton Manning vs. Aaron Rodgers: H2H record

Manning and Rodgers have faced off against each other head-to-head just twice during their careers, both occurring in the regular season.

Their first meeting took place during the 2008-09 NFL season. The Green Bay Packers earned a dominant 34-14 victory against the Indianapolis Colts. Rodgers recorded one touchdown and zero interceptions, while Manning accounted for zero touchdowns and two interceptions.

Their second meeting wasn't until the 2015-16 NFL season. This time, the Broncos earned a commanding 29-10 victory against the Packers. Neither quarterback threw a touchdown, but Manning threw the only interception.

Regardless, Manning evened their career head-to-head record with one win each.

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