How much does a 2024 Super Bowl commercial cost? Big Game prices skyrocket amid Taylor Swift craze

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How much does a 2024 Super Bowl commercial cost? Big Game prices skyrocket amid Taylor Swift craze

The Super Bowl is a significant American sports event in the sporting calendar. Hundreds of millions of people tune in to watch it, so Super Bowl commercials unsurprisingly cost a hefty sum. The 2024 Super Bowl game is not any different, and it will cost a fortune to run an ad during the big game.

According to Quartz Money and Markets, a 30-second spot at this year’s Super Bowl will cost about $7 million. The figure represents a staggering 75% increase from a decade ago and over 200% from two decades ago. Furthermore, global superstar singer-songwriter Taylor Swift will likely attract more viewership in this year's big game.

Top 5 Super Bowl commercials set to air in 2024

Look at five stellar Super Bowl commercials that will air in the 2024 Super Bowl. Kindly note that the list is in no particular order:

1. Dinamita

Dinamita will be airing a Super Bowl ad that features actress Jenna Ortega. Ortega will promote Doritos' Dinamita chips, featuring spicy new flavors and a different shape. The ad will bring more eyes to the brand and the "Wednesday" actress.

2. Oreos

Oreos are known to go all out for their promos and campaigns, and their 2024 Super Bowl ad is no different. The tastemakers culled their Super Bowl ad with inspiration from "Keeping Up with the Kardashians," artificial intelligence, boy bands and more. It all comes down to a coin flip in this cinematic-esque Super Bowl ad.

3. Paramount+

Paramount+ was heavily featured in the 2023-24 regular season and the subsequent playoffs. Of course, they were going to get a Super Bowl ad spot.

The streaming giants went all out for their campaign, featuring "Star Trek" icon Sir Patrick Stewart as a retro football player throwing the head-shaped football character from "Hey Arnold!" It does not get wackier than that, with Tua Tagovailoa, Drew Barrymore, Jeff Probst and Creed making cameos.

4. DoorDash

DoorDash is in the running for Super Bowl ad of the year with their ingenious plot. According to Adweek, DoorDash will hold a contest where the prizes will be the products that appeared in every other Super Bowl ad this season. Prizes to be won include BMWs, Kias, a Volkswagen and 1,000 chicken wings from Popeyes.

5. M&Ms

M&Ms came with the banter, and Philadelphia Eagles fans might not be best pleased. Their campaign features a playoff jab at Super Bowl losers of the past. They will make a special diamond out of peanut butter to create a unique ring for whoever does not win the 2024 Super Bowl.

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